CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
Patrick Somerville, Middlesex1840 Ireland 462
Ellen Somerville, Middlesex1840 Ireland
John Somerville, Middlesex1853Massachusetts
Nellie Somerville, Middlesex1864Massachusetts
Dennis Somerville, Middlesex1870Massachusetts
Patrick Somerville, Middlesex1867Massachusetts
{Family 62}
Frank Somerville, Middlesex1846Maine 506
{Family 63}
Lucy Somerville, Middlesex1835Maine 471B
{Family 64}
Mary Somerville, Middlesex1780 Massachusetts 514B
{Family 65}
James B Weston, Middlesex1826Rhode Island 442
Laura L Weston, Middlesex1833Massachusetts
Carmelina Weston, Middlesex1856Massachusetts
Mabel B Weston, Middlesex1858Massachusetts
Louisa W Weston, Middlesex1862Massachusetts
Marion R Weston, Middlesex1863Massachusetts
{Family 66}
John Nantucket, Nantucket1798Massachusetts 35B
Lydia G Nantucket, Nantucket1805Massachusetts
{Family 67}
William Bridgewater, Plymouth1832Massachusetts 148
Louisa Bridgewater, Plymouth1833Massachusetts
William F Bridgewater, Plymouth1851Massachusetts
George H Bridgewater, Plymouth1853Massachusetts
Horace G Bridgewater, Plymouth1855Massachusetts
Charles Bridgewater, Plymouth1859Massachusetts
Isaac ABridgewater, Plymouth1861Massachusetts 148B
Abbie WBridgewater, Plymouth1864Massachusetts
Warren Bridgewater, Plymouth1867Massachusetts
{Family 68}
Ella Carver, Plymouth1853Massachusetts 178
{Family 69}
Calvin Middleborough, Plymouth1852Maine 454
{Family 70}
James H Middleborough, Plymouth1819Massachusetts 453B
Elizabeth G Middleborough, Plymouth1832Massachusetts
Edna F Middleborough, Plymouth1852Massachusetts
Henry G Middleborough, Plymouth1854Massachusetts
Minnie D Middleborough, Plymouth1858Massachusetts
{Family 71}
George F Middleborough, Plymouth1839Massachusetts 456
Lettie A Middleborough, Plymouth1846Massachusetts
Walter F Middleborough, Plymouth1865Massachusetts
Jennie E Middleborough, Plymouth1868Massachusetts
{Family 72}
Jacob A Boston Ward 3, Suffolk1841Massachusetts 131B
{Family 73}
Eliza Boston Ward 4, Suffolk1796Massachusetts 286
{Family 74}
Margery Boston Ward 4, Suffolk1842Maine 212B
{Family 75}
E T Boston Ward 5, Suffolk1825Connecticut 318
{Family 76}
Joseph L Boston Ward 6, Suffolk1835Massachusetts 75B
Anne C Boston Ward 6, Suffolk1839England
{Family 77}
Susan Boston Ward 9, Suffolk1810 Massachusetts 210
George Boston Ward 9, Suffolk1848Massachusetts
Susan Boston Ward 9, Suffolk1849Massachusetts
{Family 78}
John Boston Ward 10, Suffolk1843Ireland 498B
Margaret Boston Ward 10, Suffolk1846Massachusetts
Walter Boston Ward 10, Suffolk1863Massachusetts
Emma Boston Ward 10, Suffolk1867Massachusetts
{Family 79}
Wm Boston Ward 10, Suffolk1842Massachusetts 476B
Margaret Boston Ward 10, Suffolk1851Nova Scotia
{Family 80}
Owen B Boston Ward 11, Suffolk1844England 157B
{Family 81}
Maggie Boston Ward 11, Suffolk1845Vermont 72B
{Family 82}
Edwin F Chelsea, Suffolk1830 New York 228B
Hester A Chelsea, Suffolk1828New York
James E Chelsea, Suffolk1852New Jersey
Emma C Chelsea, Suffolk1853New Jersey
Annie M Chelsea, Suffolk1856New Jersey
Wm W Chelsea, Suffolk1858New Jersey
Lizzie R Chelsea, Suffolk1860 New Jersey
Kate B Chelsea, Suffolk1862New Jersey
Harry S Chelsea, Suffolk1864New Jersey
Mannie C Chelsea, Suffolk1867New Jersey
{Family 83}
Wilbert Chelsea, Suffolk1834Connecticut 179B
Lucelia Chelsea, Suffolk1838Connecticut
{Family 84}
Elizah L Athol, Worcester1808Massachusetts 316
Lorana S Athol, Worcester1809Massachusetts
Jennie L Athol, Worcester1835Massachusetts
Florence L Athol, Worcester1864Massachusetts
{Family 85}
Julia Athol, Worcester1837Massachusetts 316
{Family 86}
Plarissa Charlton, Worcester1804Massachusetts 532B
{Family 87}
William Charlton, Worcester1810 Rhode Island 526
{Family 88}
Sally S Lancaster, Worcester1794Massachusetts 217B
Estella Lancaster, Worcester1852Connecticut
{Family 89}
Lewis Millbury, Worcester1813Canada 472B
Mary Millbury, Worcester1827Canada
Alfred Millbury, Worcester1849Canada
Delia Millbury, Worcester1847Canada
Minnie Millbury, Worcester1851Canada
Emma Millbury, Worcester1853Canada
Joseph Millbury, Worcester1855Canada
Matilda Millbury, Worcester1857Canada
Henry Millbury, Worcester1860 Canada
Emma Millbury, Worcester1862Canada
Leo Millbury, Worcester1865Canada
Frank Millbury, Worcester1867Massachusetts
{Family 90}
Elizabeth Millbury, Worcester1849Massachusetts 512
{Family 91}
Lucy E Millbury, Worcester1830 Massachusetts 471B

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