CASE Families living in Massachusetts in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
Lafayette Taunton Ward 7, Bristol1826Massachusetts 575
Elizabeth Taunton Ward 7, Bristol1829Massachusetts
Dora Taunton Ward 7, Bristol1852Massachusetts
Clara Taunton Ward 7, Bristol1860 Massachusetts
Louisa Taunton Ward 7, Bristol1862Massachusetts
{Family 32}
Ama Westport, Bristol1787Massachusetts 655B
{Family 33}
Susan Westport, Bristol1805Massachusetts 662B
{Family 34}
Edward B Andover, Essex1853Massachusetts 71
{Family 35}
John B Haverhill Ward 2, Essex1814Maine 651
Abbie Haverhill Ward 2, Essex1815Maine
Charles Haverhill Ward 2, Essex1858Maine
{Family 36}
Hannibal Haverhill Ward 2, Essex1835Massachusetts 648
Lizzie Haverhill Ward 2, Essex1838Massachusetts
{Family 37}
Simeon Haverhill Ward 4, Essex1838Massachusetts 713B
Belinda B Haverhill Ward 4, Essex1845Massachusetts
George Haverhill Ward 4, Essex1868Massachusetts
Sarah Haverhill Ward 4, Essex1818Massachusetts
{Family 38}
Wm Haverhill Ward 4, Essex1808Massachusetts 713B
{Family 39}
Lorenzo D Lawrence Ward 2, Essex1836Massachusetts 93B
{Family 40}
Darius W Middleton, Essex1848Massachusetts 52
{Family 41}
Patrick Salem Ward 1, Essex1835Ireland 444
Ellen Salem Ward 1, Essex1842Ireland
William Salem Ward 1, Essex1868Massachusetts
Annie Salem Ward 1, Essex1870Massachusetts
{Family 42}
Marcia Orange, Franklin1851Maine 330B
{Family 43}
Melia Chester, Hampden1865Massachusetts 74
{Family 44}
Laura S Chicopee, Hampden1813Connecticut 102
{Family 45}
Florence Granville, Hampden1841Connecticut 206
Sarah Granville, Hampden1838Connecticut
Della Granville, Hampden1868Connecticut
Emily Granville, Hampden1869Connecticut
{Family 46}
Henry G Monson, Hampden1838Connecticut 394B
Emma Monson, Hampden1839Connecticut
Nellie Monson, Hampden1862Massachusetts
{Family 47}
Horatio M Springfield Ward 3, Hampden1810 Connecticut 190
Ameret p Springfield Ward 3, Hampden1819Massachusetts
{Family 48}
Edmund Springfield Ward 4, Hampden1845Connecticut 200
{Family 49}
Amberst Tolland, Hampden1837Connecticut 347
Rheda Tolland, Hampden1845Massachusetts
{Family 50}
Henry O Westfield, Hampden1838New York 364B
Sarah Westfield, Hampden1840 Connecticut
Luther Westfield, Hampden1861Connecticut
James Westfield, Hampden1867Massachusetts
{Family 51}
Charles Northampton, Hampshire1837Vermont 379B
Marilla Northampton, Hampshire1838Massachusetts
Lucy Northampton, Hampshire1858Massachusetts
Freddie Northampton, Hampshire1865Massachusetts
{Family 52}
Henry Northampton, Hampshire1849Massachusetts 373
{Family 53}
Elizabeth J South Hadley, Hampshire1850 New York 465
{Family 54}
Lyman G Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1823Vermont 346B
Olive K Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1841Massachusetts
G Arthur Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1851Massachusetts
Edward B Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1853Massachusetts
Emma L Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1854Massachusetts
Albert O Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1856Massachusetts
Frank C Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1858Massachusetts
Lucy E Cambridge Ward 2, Middlesex1863Massachusetts
{Family 55}
George Dunstable, Middlesex1851Massachusetts 31B
{Family 56}
William D Holliston, Middlesex1850 Maine 193B
{Family 57}
Nelly Lowell Ward 5, Middlesex1840 Vermont 231B
Della Lowell Ward 5, Middlesex1846Vermont
Hattie Lowell Ward 5, Middlesex1851Vermont
Emma Lowell Ward 5, Middlesex1853Vermont
{Family 58}
Nehemiah North Reading, Middlesex1822Massachusetts 248B
Emily M North Reading, Middlesex1820 England
Martha E North Reading, Middlesex1853Massachusetts
Frank W North Reading, Middlesex1856Massachusetts
{Family 59}
Martha A Pepperell, Middlesex1820 Massachusetts 275B
{Family 60}
Sherman H Reading, Middlesex1809New York 290B
Eliza M Reading, Middlesex1814New York
Charles A Reading, Middlesex1837New York
Adaline S Reading, Middlesex1841Maine
Etta D Reading, Middlesex1849Maine
Cornelia S Reading, Middlesex1852Maine
Frank E Reading, Middlesex1861California
Flora I Reading, Middlesex1863California

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