CASE Families living in Kentucky in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 62}
Edward Minerva, Mason1822Kentucky 466
Eliza J Minerva, Mason1841Kentucky
Lucy Minerva, Mason1856Kentucky
William Minerva, Mason1861Kentucky
Robert B Minerva, Mason1866Kentucky
Florence Minerva, Mason1868Kentucky
{Family 63}
William Murphysville, Mason1848Kentucky 474
Lizzie J Murphysville, Mason1851Kentucky
Lillie M Murphysville, Mason1869Kentucky
Edmond Murphysville, Mason1820 Kentucky
{Family 64}
Edward Murphysville, Mason1822Kentucky 469
Sarah Murphysville, Mason1825Kentucky
Nancy Murphysville, Mason1856Kentucky
Lucretia Murphysville, Mason1858Kentucky
Angelino Murphysville, Mason1860 Kentucky
Jacob Murphysville, Mason1863Kentucky
Robert Murphysville, Mason1869Kentucky
James W Murphysville, Mason1847Kentucky
John N Murphysville, Mason1849Kentucky
Mary Murphysville, Mason1845Kentucky
{Family 65}
George Murphysville, Mason1845Kentucky 472
Mary E Murphysville, Mason1851Kentucky
Annie F Murphysville, Mason1869Kentucky
{Family 66}
Mary L Washington, Mason1851Kentucky 437B
John N Washington, Mason1849Kentucky
{Family 67}
Rodney Paducah, McCracken1805Connecticut 119
Diana Paducah, McCracken1810 New York
Casper Mary (questionable)Paducah, McCracken1852Kentucky
{Family 68}
Martha District 4, Meade1805North Carolina 346
{Family 69}
John Precinct 4, Mercer1814Kentucky 488
Francis Precinct 4, Mercer1814Kentucky
Susan F Precinct 4, Mercer1848Kentucky
Mary A Precinct 4, Mercer1851Kentucky
Silas N Precinct 4, Mercer1855Kentucky
Ben J Precinct 4, Mercer1860 Kentucky
{Family 70}
Bruner Precinct 4, Mercer1842Kentucky 488
Mary F Precinct 4, Mercer1869Kentucky
Nancy Precinct 4, Mercer1848Kentucky
{Family 71}
Nancy Precinct 4, Mercer1844Kentucky 486
{Family 72}
G W Camargo, Montgomery1828Kentucky 249B
Lucinda Camargo, Montgomery1836Kentucky
H L Camargo, Montgomery1858Kentucky
Suda Camargo, Montgomery1862Kentucky
L S Camargo, Montgomery1864Kentucky
Ella Camargo, Montgomery1866Kentucky
G C Camargo, Montgomery1868Kentucky
Charlotte Camargo, Montgomery1806Virginia
{Family 73}
S J Country, Montgomery1830 Kentucky 283B
{Family 74}
Miles W Olivet, Robertson1820 Kentucky 441
Eliza Olivet, Robertson1825Kentucky
James T Olivet, Robertson1847Kentucky
Edward Olivet, Robertson1849Kentucky
Frances A Olivet, Robertson1851Kentucky
George C Olivet, Robertson1855Kentucky
Mary E Olivet, Robertson1862Kentucky
{Family 75}
Benjamin Campbellsville, Taylor1835Kentucky 211B
Joanna Campbellsville, Taylor1838Kentucky
Melvin Campbellsville, Taylor1855Kentucky
William A Campbellsville, Taylor1859Kentucky
George G Campbellsville, Taylor1863Kentucky
Sarah E Campbellsville, Taylor1866Kentucky
John S Campbellsville, Taylor1870Kentucky
{Family 76}
W M Covington, Warren1827Kentucky106
N E Covington, Warren1840 Kentucky
Jno M Covington, Warren1853Kentucky
Peyton H Covington, Warren1859Kentucky
Willie C Covington, Warren1862Kentucky
Mattie E Covington, Warren1864Kentucky
Albart Covington, Warren1868Kentucky
Ida Covington, Warren1868Kentucky
{Family 77}
Daniel Glenville, Washington1855Kentucky 297
{Family 78}
William North, Washington1836Kentucky 356
Mary North, Washington1846Kentucky
{Family 79}
Ben Clover Bottoms, Woodford1827Kentucky461
Ann Clover Bottoms, Woodford1830 Kentucky
Mary Clover Bottoms, Woodford1852Kentucky
Julia Clover Bottoms, Woodford1861Kentucky
Jacob Clover Bottoms, Woodford1862Kentucky
Jane Clover Bottoms, Woodford1858Kentucky
{Family 80}
Enock Millville, Woodford1840 Kentucky 485
Lizzie Millville, Woodford1845Kentucky
Ann Millville, Woodford1862Kentucky
Alice Millville, Woodford1868Kentucky
{Family 81}
Martha Mortonsville, Woodford1858Kentucky492

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