CASE Families living in Iowa in 1870.
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NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 61}
John Julien, Dubuque1843England 329
Ellen Julien, Dubuque1843Ireland
Harriet Julien, Dubuque1869Wisconsin
{Family 62}
Allen Putnam, Fayette1841New York 136
Ally Putnam, Fayette1851New York
Adda Putnam, Fayette1868Iowa
{Family 63}
Archibald Putnam, Fayette1800 New York 134
Olive Putnam, Fayette1809New York
Charles Putnam, Fayette1831New York
Emma Putnam, Fayette1841New York
William Putnam, Fayette1864Illinois
Franklin Putnam, Fayette1868Iowa
Franklin Putnam, Fayette1847Illinois
{Family 64}
B H West Union, Fayette1841Pennsylvania 185
{Family 65}
Hamet H Charles City, Floyd1832Ohio 332
Mary P Charles City, Floyd1840 Ohio
Frank R Charles City, Floyd1864Wisconsin
Harnet r Charles City, Floyd1866Iowa
Nellie M Charles City, Floyd1868Iowa
{Family 66}
John Eldora, Hardin1835India 386B
Mary Eldora, Hardin1856Iowa
Charles Eldora, Hardin1857India
{Family 67}
Squire L Calhoun, Harrison1821Indiana 9B
Nancy Calhoun, Harrison1814Kentucky
William Calhoun, Harrison1854Indiana
Jacob Calhoun, Harrison1858Iowa
{Family 68}
Nelson Jefferson, Harrison1818Ohio 50
Harriet Jefferson, Harrison1821Ohio
Isaac M Jefferson, Harrison1851Iowa
Alexander B Jefferson, Harrison1854Iowa
Thomas L Jefferson, Harrison1856Iowa
Albert M Jefferson, Harrison1859Iowa
{Family 69}
James R Jefferson, Harrison1823New York 46B
Alice Jefferson, Harrison1834Ireland
Merritt Jefferson, Harrison1831Wisconsin
George Jefferson, Harrison1855Wisconsin
Thaddeus Jefferson, Harrison1857Minnesota
Orrin Jefferson, Harrison1864Iowa
Effie Jefferson, Harrison1865Iowa
Cora Jefferson, Harrison1869Iowa
John Jefferson, Harrison1820 New York
{Family 70}
Timothy St John, Harrison1831Indiana 96B
Eliza St John, Harrison1833Iowa
John F St John, Harrison1857Iowa
Wm W St John, Harrison1859Iowa
James St John, Harrison1861Iowa
Sarah J St John, Harrison1864Iowa
Timothy J St John, Harrison1867Iowa
Joseph E St John, Harrison1866Iowa
{Family 71}
John H St John, Harrison1848Indiana 94
{Family 72}
Sarah St John, Harrison1867Indiana 98B
{Family 73}
Geo W Taylor, Harrison1837Missouri 112B
Sarah Taylor, Harrison1845England
Ellen Taylor, Harrison1869Iowa
{Family 74}
Chauncey Canaan, Henry1798Connecticut 138
Ann Canaan, Henry1801Ohio
{Family 75}
David Afton, Howard1842Pennsylvania 4B
Elizabeth Afton, Howard1840 New York
Allin Afton, Howard1866Pennsylvania
{Family 76}
Emery Hartford, Iowa1840 Ohio 227
Phebe Hartford, Iowa1842Ohio
William H Hartford, Iowa1862Ohio
Ida M Hartford, Iowa1864Ohio
George Hartford, Iowa1866Illinois
Harrett A Hartford, Iowa1869/70Iowa
{Family 77}
Almon Maquoketa Ward 1, Jackson1839New York 17
{Family 78}
Cynthia Maquoketa Ward 4, Jackson1810 Massachusetts 38
Luke Maquoketa Ward 4, Jackson1840 Canada
John Maquoketa Ward 4, Jackson1844Canada
Eliza Maquoketa Ward 4, Jackson1847Canada
{Family 79}
George H Fairfield Ward 1, Jefferson1841Ohio 83
Clara Fairfield Ward 1, Jefferson1847Ohio
Ellen Fairfield Ward 1, Jefferson1869Iowa
{Family 80}
Adam Fairfield Ward 2, Jefferson1832New Jersey 97B
Margret Fairfield Ward 2, Jefferson1826Pennsylvania
Lillie Fairfield Ward 2, Jefferson1852Pennsylvania
Walter Fairfield Ward 2, Jefferson1861Pennsylvania
Maggie Fairfield Ward 2, Jefferson1867Iowa
{Family 81}
Hezekiah Round Prairie, Jefferson1809Ohio 213B
Aina Round Prairie, Jefferson1812Maryland
Theadore Round Prairie, Jefferson1842Ohio
Albert Round Prairie, Jefferson1844Ohio
Anna Round Prairie, Jefferson1853Ohio
{Family 82}
Augusta Round Prairie, Jefferson1843Ohio 214
Katherine Round Prairie, Jefferson1847Iowa
George Round Prairie, Jefferson1867Iowa
{Family 83}
Mike Big Grove, Johnson1830 Bohemia 248
Mary Big Grove, Johnson1840 Bohemia
Frank Big Grove, Johnson1859Bohemia
John Big Grove, Johnson1863Bohemia
Anna Big Grove, Johnson1867Bohemia
Mary Big Grove, Johnson1869Iowa
{Family 84}
Margaret Monroe, Johnson1818Ohio 456B
Margaret Monroe, Johnson1854Iowa
{Family 85}
Henry Anamosa, Jones1848New York 39B
{Family 86}
Howard Lafayette, Keokuk1835Connecticut 362
Ruth A Lafayette, Keokuk1834Ohio
Carrie Lafayette, Keokuk1864Indiana
Adel Lafayette, Keokuk1866Indiana
Willie Lafayette, Keokuk1869/70Iowa
{Family 87}
May S Warren, Keokuk1860 Iowa 485B
Geo Warren, Keokuk1863Iowa
{Family 88}
Franklin B Denmark, Lee1814Ohio 32B
Sarah J Denmark, Lee1810 Connecticut
George F Denmark, Lee1842Ohio
Martha A Denmark, Lee1843Ohio
Asahel Denmark, Lee1787Connecticut
Heratis D. (Heratio D) Denmark, Lee1817Ohio
{Family 89}
Hosea Denmark, Lee1816Ohio 34
Charles Denmark, Lee1848Iowa
Arvilla Denmark, Lee1850 Iowa
Losan Denmark, Lee1853Iowa
{Family 90}
Melissa Denmark, Lee1798Connecticut 37B

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