CASE Families living in Colorado in 1870.

NameCity/County Birth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
Francis M Denver, Arapahoe1822 Ohio 22B
Clara G Denver, Arapahoe1834 Ohio
Bella G Denver, Arapahoe1858 Ohio
{Family 2}
Scott South Boulder, Boulder1848 Iowa 111B
{Family 3}
Lester St Vrain, Boulder1838 New York 118B
{Family 4}
Alfred Georgetown, Clear Creek1835 New York 129B
Rosalthe Georgetown, Clear Creek1842 New York
Mary Georgetown, Clear Creek1867 Colorado
{Family 5}
August Georgetown, Clear Creek1835 France 129B
{Family 6}
James Georgetown, Clear Creek1837 New York 133
{Family 7}
Milton Georgetown, Clear Creek1818 Ohio 125B
Elizabeth Georgetown, Clear Creek1834 North Carolina
Lorinda Georgetown, Clear Creek1854 Iowa
Martha Georgetown, Clear Creek1856 Nebraska
Eliza Georgetown, Clear Creek1858 Nebraska 126
Rosa Georgetown, Clear Creek1865 Colorado
William Georgetown, Clear Creek1867 Colorado
Walter Georgetown, Clear Creek1869 Colorado
{Family 8}
Louisa Georgetown, Clear Creek1848 Ohio 133B
{Family 9}
John A Not Stated, Douglas1828 New York 207
Mary A Not Stated, Douglas1827 New Jersey
Susana Not Stated, Douglas1858 Iowa
Amelia Not Stated, Douglas1860 Iowa
{Family 10}
James Nevadaville, Gilpin1828 New York 290B
Margaret Nevadaville, Gilpin1834 Ireland
Helen Nevadaville, Gilpin1862 New York
Mary Nevadaville, Gilpin1864 New York
James Nevadaville, Gilpin1868 New York
{Family 11}
William Nevadaville, Gilpin1846 Illinois 287B
{Family 12}
Benjamin Not Stated, Gilpin1834 New York 293B
{Family 13}
William Not Stated, Jefferson1837 Ohio 373
Carrie Not Stated, Jefferson1846 Indiana
Arkalo Not Stated, Jefferson1867 Colorado
{Family 14}
W H Trinidad, Las Animas1845 Illinois 449
Alfred B Trinidad, Las Animas1839 Illinois
{Family 15}
Willis St Vrain, Weld1840 Illinois 504
Asenth St Vrain, Weld1846 Illinois
Philse St Vrain, Weld1869 Missouri

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