CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 241}
BainhartGates, Monroe361814Germany264b
FrancesGates, Monroe351815Germany
FrancesGates, Monroe71843Germany
GeorgeGates, Monroe31847New York
BainhartGates, Monroe11849New York
PeterGates, Monroe161834New York
{Family 242}
WmGates, Monroe281822New York257b
Ruth AGates, Monroe241826New York
{Family 243}
WmGreece, Monroe171833New York157b
{Family 244}
CharlesHenrietta, Monroe601790New York294
VillettaHenrietta, Monroe571793New York
SophiaHenrietta, Monroe381812New York
EdwinHenrietta, Monroe41846New York
{Family 245}
MichielHenrietta, Monroe351815New York288b
MaryHenrietta, Monroe301820New York
Orphetia (Orphelia?)Henrietta, Monroe91841New York
HellenHenrietta, Monroe81842New York
SophroniaHenrietta, Monroe61844New York
CharlesHenrietta, Monroe41846New York288b
JuliusHenrietta, Monroe11849New York
ViolettaHenrietta, Monroe21848New York
{Family 246}
HenryIrondequoit, Monroe671783New York357b
BarbaryIrondequoit, Monroe321818New York
ZelindaIrondequoit, Monroe301820New York
HarryIrondequoit, Monroe191831New York
Julia AIrondequoit, Monroe151835New York
SarahIrondequoit, Monroe121838New York
GeorgeIrondequoit, Monroe111839New York
{Family 247}
PeterIrondequoit, Monroe291821Germany350b
Lucy (Lany)Irondequoit, Monroe261824Germany
RoxannaIrondequoit, Monroe81842New York351
SylvanusIrondequoit, Monroe51845New York
PeterIrondequoit, Monroe31847New York
MaryIrondequoit, Monroe11849New York
{Family 248}
HenryMendon, Monroe241826New York264
AmeliaMendon, Monroe231827New York
{Family 249}
JohnMendon, Monroe241826New York256b
{Family 250}
OvaMendon, Monroe521798New York264
FreeloveMendon, Monroe471803New York
HannahMendon, Monroe211829New York
HelenMendon, Monroe131837New York
GeorgeMendon, Monroe81842New York
HiramMendon, Monroe61844New York
{Family 251}
TrumanMendon, Monroe251825New York245b
{Family 252}
ZenasOgden, Monroe531797New York103b
CatherineOgden, Monroe501800New York
WmOgden, Monroe131837Michigan
{Family 253}
Zenas NOgden, Monroe301820New York104
HarrietOgden, Monroe321818New York
Zenas ROgden, Monroe91841New York
Hiram EOgden, Monroe81842New York
George WOgden, Monroe31847New York
Chas JOgden, Monroe1/121850New York
{Family 254}
AlphonsaPenfield, Monroe101840New York383b
HellenPenfield, Monroe71843New York
{Family 255}
EdwinPenfield, Monroe201830New York403b
{Family 256}
FranklinPenfield, Monroe311819New York408b
AsenethPenfield, Monroe281822New York
HobartPenfield, Monroe31847New York
{Family 257}
OrastusPenfield, Monroe301820New York378b
CorneliaPenfield, Monroe261824New York
David MPenfield, Monroe61844New York
Louisa APenfield, Monroe21848New York
{Family 258}
RilaPenfield, Monroe251825New York399
{Family 259}
AmandaPerinton, Monroe361814New York195
{Family 260}
Erastus BPerinton, Monroe271823New York171
Ann MPerinton, Monroe261824New York
George WPerinton, Monroe41846New York
AdelodiaPerinton, Monroe21848New York
AdellaPerinton, Monroe11849New York
{Family 261}
HiramPerinton, Monroe461804New York173
MarahPerinton, Monroe411809Vermont
HiramPerinton, Monroe121838New York
MarvinPerinton, Monroe41846New York
{Family 262}
NathanPerinton, Monroe341816New York168
MargaretPerinton, Monroe341816New York
AlbertPerinton, Monroe111839New York
HarrietPerinton, Monroe91841New York
GeorgePerinton, Monroe31847New York
{Family 263}
SarahPerinton, Monroe601790New York187
Elisha MPerinton, Monroe221828New York
{Family 264}
Sarah JRochester Ward 3, Monroe171833New York117b
MaryRochester Ward 3, Monroe191831New York
{Family 265}
SebulonRochester Ward 3, Monroe261824New York90
ElisabethRochester Ward 3, Monroe221828New York
{Family 266}
WilliamRochester Ward 8, Monroe471803New Jersey362
GertrudeRochester Ward 8, Monroe491801New Jersey
PeterRochester Ward 8, Monroe241826New Jersey
Emily ARochester Ward 8, Monroe131837New York
WilliamRochester Ward 8, Monroe101840New York
GertrudeRochester Ward 8, Monroe81842New York
{Family 267}
William FRochester Ward 8, Monroe351815New York371b
AnnaRochester Ward 8, Monroe361814New York
Mercy LRochester Ward 8, Monroe81842New York
Sydney WRochester Ward 8, Monroe61844New York
{Family 268}
NicholasRochester Ward 9, Monroe381812Germany390b
CatharineRochester Ward 9, Monroe341816Germany
ElizabethRochester Ward 9, Monroe131837Germany
NicholasRochester Ward 9, Monroe101840Germany
PeterRochester Ward 9, Monroe81842Germany
JohnRochester Ward 9, Monroe61844Germany
CatharineRochester Ward 9, Monroe41846Germany
ValtineRochester Ward 9, Monroe11849New York
{Family 269}
LutherSweden, Monroe391811New York10b
ElectaSweden, Monroe391811New York
NelsonSweden, Monroe121838New York
AraSweden, Monroe81842New York
ElectaSweden, Monroe41846New York
{Family 270}
HenrySweden, Monroe421808New York10b
{Family 271}
Wm HSweden, Monroe361814New York7
Polly ASweden, Monroe281822New York
Ellen MSweden, Monroe51845New York
Edwin De LosSweden, Monroe31847New York
{Family 272}
ParmeliaWebster, Monroe241826New York443

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