CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 209}
Albert GAvon, Livingston391811New York313b
{Family 210}
LeviAvon, Livingston751775Connecticut333
RabeccaAvon, Livingston721778Connecticut
{Family 211}
PorterConesus, Livingston201830New York222
{Family 212}
AdalineGeneseo, Livingston191831New York385b
{Family 213}
NathanGroveland, Livingston731777New Hampshire413b
{Family 214}
AlbertLima, Livingston431807New York208b
CyrillaLima, Livingston411809New York
RichdLima, Livingston241826New York
GeoLima, Livingston191831New York
LydiaLima, Livingston171833New York
LewisLima, Livingston151835New York
MiloLima, Livingston101840New York
MarthaLima, Livingston81842New York
JaneLima, Livingston211829New York
{Family 215}
AdeliaLivonia, Livingston181832New York157b
{Family 216}
DavidMount Morris, Livingston421808Connecticut94b
MaryMount Morris, Livingston401810New York
JuliaMount Morris, Livingston81842New York
Sarah FMount Morris, Livingston10/121850New York
{Family 217}
SterlingMount Morris, Livingston361814Connecticut94b
AlbertMount Morris, Livingston331817New York
MaryMount Morris, Livingston381812Connecticut
ElizabethMount Morris, Livingston301820New York
{Family 218}
T ANorth Dansville, Livingston311819Connecticut323
{Family 219}
CynthiaPortage, Livingston531797Vermont137b
CarolinePortage, Livingston281822New York
Betsey JPortage, Livingston191831New York
Ruth APortage, Livingston151835New York
EdwinPortage, Livingston111839New York
{Family 220}
Emily JCazenovia, Madison101840New York68
{Family 221}
PhebeCazenovia, Madison481802New York90
Alfred PCazenovia, Madison191831New York
Thomas BCazenovia, Madison161834New York
{Family 222}
DanielDe Ruyter, Madison321818New York286b
LamontheDe Ruyter, Madison341816New York
Lorenzo MDe Ruyter, Madison111839New York
Edgar EDe Ruyter, Madison11849New York
{Family 223}
GeorgeDe Ruyter, Madison691781New York286b
LydiaDe Ruyter, Madison641786New York
{Family 224}
MerryEaton, Madison401810New York337
Vashti MEaton, Madison111839New York
{Family 225}
BurnsHamilton, Madison211829New York106b
{Family 226}
Phihman D (Phileman)Hamilton, Madison281822New York101b
{Family 227}
Wm NHamilton, Madison291821New York106b
Cordelia JHamilton, Madison241826New York
{Family 228}
HoraceLenox, Madison741776Connecticut170
SallyLenox, Madison641786Connecticut
EmilyLenox, Madison401810New York
MalviniaLenox, Madison21848New York
{Family 229}
WilliamLenox, Madison371813New York170
AmeliaLenox, Madison321818New York
RollinLenox, Madison11849New York
{Family 230}
ChauncyNelson, Madison771773Connecticut310
ChloeNelson, Madison731777Connecticut
AlexusNelson, Madison301820New York
{Family 231}
DavidNelson, Madison711779Connecticut309b
LauraNelson, Madison631787New York
{Family 232}
George ANelson, Madison351815New York310
MaryNelson, Madison261824New York
{Family 233}
GrandbyNelson, Madison601790Connecticut307
RubainahNelson, Madison591791New York
DwightNelson, Madison321818New York
La FayetteNelson, Madison261824New York
JohnNelson, Madison181832New York
FranklinNelson, Madison161834New York
{Family 234}
JettellenNelson, Madison391811New York310
Marsher MNelson, Madison391811Connecticut
Albert MNelson, Madison121838New York310
{Family 235}
Lester MNelson, Madison331817New York310
Huldah HNelson, Madison361814New York
JosephNelson, Madison84? - 64??Connecticut
UmbraNelson, Madison631787Connecticut
{Family 236}
AdelineStockbridge, Madison401810Connecticut160b
NelsonStockbridge, Madison171833New York
ElizabethStockbridge, Madison151835New York
{Family 237}
AnthantySullivan, Madison171833New York31b
{Family 238}
GardnerSullivan, Madison501800New York29b
LoesaSullivan, Madison451805New York
Mary ASullivan, Madison171833New York
ChsSullivan, Madison151835New York
ElizabethSullivan, Madison131837New York
LanySullivan, Madison101840New York
CorneliaSullivan, Madison81842New York
JamesSullivan, Madison61844New York
FrancesSullivan, Madison51845New York
HellenSullivan, Madison41846New York
JosephSullivan, Madison31847New York
PhideliaSullivan, Madison11849New York
{Family 239}
GeorgeSullivan, Madison261824New York37
PhideliaSullivan, Madison221828New York
RosalphaSullivan, Madison31847New York
AustinSullivan, Madison3/121850New York
{Family 240}
JohnSullivan, Madison571793New York17
MariaSullivan, Madison421808New York
MarionSullivan, Madison51845New York

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