CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 179}
HiramAdams, Jefferson221828Connecticut266b
{Family 180}
Terome BAlexandria, Jefferson401810New York35b
Martha GAlexandria, Jefferson401810New York
Sarah AAlexandria, Jefferson101840New York36
Alfonso GAlexandria, Jefferson91841New York
{Family 181}
DanielBrownville, Jefferson541796Massachusetts204
NancyBrownville, Jefferson461804New York
Cynthia MBrownville, Jefferson241826New York
PhynetteBrownville, Jefferson171833New York
SarahBrownville, Jefferson151835New York
AngelineBrownville, Jefferson141836New York
MaryBrownville, Jefferson121838New York
Louise (Lenore)Brownville, Jefferson1840New York
CorillaBrownville, Jefferson101842New York
JenetBrownville, Jefferson61844New York
DonetBrownville, Jefferson41846New York
{Family 182}
BarnardChampion, Jefferson401810New York391b
EmilyChampion, Jefferson341816New York
Henry JChampion, Jefferson161834New York
Julias GChampion, Jefferson111839New York
{Family 183}
WarehamClayton, Jefferson621788Massachusetts423
MaryClayton, Jefferson591791Massachusetts
Curtis CClayton, Jefferson341816Massachusetts
Joseph EClayton, Jefferson201830New York
MadisonClayton, Jefferson141836New York
{Family 184}
Warcham P (Wareham)Clayton, Jefferson351815Massachusetts432
Sarah AnnClayton, Jefferson321818New York
CharlesClayton, Jefferson61844New York
JeannetteClayton, Jefferson41846New York
EliaClayton, Jefferson21848New York
{Family 185}
William OClayton, Jefferson231827New York423
CatharineClayton, Jefferson231827New York
JamesClayton, Jefferson41846New York
SydneyClayton, Jefferson21848New York
{Family 186}
WmEllisburg, Jefferson721778Connecticut299b
Elizah A (Tirzah)Ellisburg, Jefferson271823300
Charles CEllisburg, Jefferson191831
{Family 187}
AshbelHounsfield, Jefferson721778Connecticut154
MaryHounsfield, Jefferson711779Connecticut
{Family 188}
BelaHounsfield, Jefferson381812New York149
TimothyHounsfield, Jefferson691781Connecticut
SallyHounsfield, Jefferson341816New York
LauraHounsfield, Jefferson291821New York
Mary AHounsfield, Jefferson181832New York
AdelaideHounsfield, Jefferson81842New York
MelzeyHounsfield, Jefferson231827New York
WmHounsfield, Jefferson211829New York
{Family 189}
HenriettaHounsfield, Jefferson71843New York156
{Family 190}
JosephHounsfield, Jefferson351815New York156
AnnHounsfield, Jefferson331817New York
EdwinHounsfield, Jefferson81842New York
MaryHounsfield, Jefferson71843New York
StephenHounsfield, Jefferson51845New York
MaryHounsfield, Jefferson41846New York
Infant girl-unnamedHounsfield, Jefferson1/121850New York
{Family 191}
John SLe Ray, Jefferson361814New York143
John HLe Ray, Jefferson51845New York
Julia MLe Ray, Jefferson331817New York143b
Harriett LLe Ray, Jefferson101840New York
Amelia LLe Ray, Jefferson91841New York
Margaret LLe Ray, Jefferson71843New York
{Family 192}
ElizabethRutland, Jefferson281822New York478b
SusanRutland, Jefferson81842New York
Mary LRutland, Jefferson71843New York
DalilaRutland, Jefferson51845New York
ChastinaRutland, Jefferson21848New York
{Family 193}
DiodamaWatertown, Jefferson331817New York270
IsadoreWatertown, Jefferson51845New York
Helen MWatertown, Jefferson31847New York
{Family 194}
HenryWatertown, Jefferson281822New York318b
{Family 195}
LorenzoWatertown, Jefferson291821New York271b
AdeliaWatertown, Jefferson291821New York
RichardWatertown, Jefferson61844New York
EmelineWatertown, Jefferson41846New York
Edward EWatertown, Jefferson21848New York
{Family 196}
AbelWorth, Jefferson531797353
RebeccaWorth, Jefferson581792
{Family 197}
HenryBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings421808New York317b
ElizaBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings361814New York
ElizabethBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings141836New York
SamuelBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings121838New York
HannahBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings81842New York
MaryBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings41846New York
{Family 198}
Henry JrBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings221828New York317b
Ann EBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings201830New York
JohnBrooklyn Ward 4, Kings11849New York
{Family 199}
LouisaBrooklyn Ward 5, Kings371813New York37b
HenryBrooklyn Ward 5, Kings1832New York
Alben T (Albern W?)Brooklyn Ward 5, Kings1843New York
{Family 200}
HarriettBrooklyn Ward 11, Kings141836New Jersey230b
{Family 201}
Mary JaneBrooklyn Ward 11, Kings401810New York352b
JosephBrooklyn Ward 11, Kings51845New York
{Family 202}
RichardFlatbush, Kings431807Connecticut61
Catharine AFlatbush, Kings391811New York
John AFlatbush, Kings201830New York
Emily AFlatbush, Kings191831New York
Phebe JFlatbush, Kings171833New York
JohannaFlatbush, Kings121838New York61b
Alice AFlatbush, Kings7/121850New York
{Family 203}
BenjWilliamsburg, Kings231827New York355
{Family 204}
L BWilliamsburg, Kings351815Connecticut500b
MaryWilliamsburg, Kings311819Connecticut
AdrianWilliamsburg, Kings91841Connecticut
DeforestWilliamsburg, Kings11849Connecticut
Wm EWilliamsburg, Kings201830Connecticut
SarahWilliamsburg, Kings211829New York
{Family 205}
ShadriacDenmark, Lewis771773Connecticut238
LovinaDenmark, Lewis801770Connecticut
{Family 206}
George SLowville, Lewis351815New York177
JuliaLowville, Lewis251825New York
CharlesLowville, Lewis71843New York
FrederickLowville, Lewis21848New York
HenryLowville, Lewis2/121850New York
{Family 207}
HannahTurin, Lewis711779New York62b
{Family 208}
HenryTurin, Lewis351815New York54
ElizabethTurin, Lewis271823Connecticut
Louisa MTurin, Lewis61844New York
CharlesTurin, Lewis31847New York

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