CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 149}
AvrialJohnstown, Fulton401810New York76b
LucindaJohnstown, Fulton371813New York
{Family 150}
BeldonJohnstown, Fulton581792New York105b
MariahJohnstown, Fulton591791Massachusetts
WatsonJohnstown, Fulton221828New York
ChesterJohnstown, Fulton181832New York
{Family 151}
ChaneyJohnstown, Fulton501800Massachusetts63
AmeliaJohnstown, Fulton461804Connecticut
WmJohnstown, Fulton181832New York
HenryJohnstown, Fulton131837New York
SarahJohnstown, Fulton81842New York
{Family 152}
DerinsJohnstown, Fulton681782Connecticut67
SofiahJohnstown, Fulton561794New York
JasonJohnstown, Fulton341816New York
JeromeJohnstown, Fulton151835New York
{Family 153}
Elisa EJohnstown, Fulton171833New York75b
{Family 154}
JamesJohnstown, Fulton1822New York117
MatildaJohnstown, Fulton1823New York
EllenJohnstown, Fulton81842New York
JaneJohnstown, Fulton51845New York
Wm HJohnstown, Fulton21848New York
{Family 155}
JosephJohnstown, Fulton271823New York73b
ThankfulJohnstown, Fulton251825New York
{Family 156}
JustusJohnstown, Fulton651785New York62b
Mary AJohnstown, Fulton461804Massachusetts
{Family 157}
ShermanJohnstown, Fulton411809New York62b
MaryJohnstown, Fulton411809New York
CharlotJohnstown, Fulton161834New York
MaryJohnstown, Fulton111839New York
JamesJohnstown, Fulton61844New York63
AlansonJohnstown, Fulton21848New York
ThomasJohnstown, Fulton11849New York
{Family 158}
Pefer M (Pifer)Johnstown, Fulton381812New York94
Jane AJohnstown, Fulton391811New York
JaneJohnstown, Fulton791771Connecticut
{Family 159}
WmJohnstown, Fulton461804New York69
ElisabethJohnstown, Fulton361814New York
NancyJohnstown, Fulton181832New York
{Family 160}
WmJohnstown, Fulton301820New York80
MaryJohnstown, Fulton261824New York
{Family 161}
ZinaJohnstown, Fulton351815New York80
Ann MJohnstown, Fulton241826New York
{Family 162}
CatharineMayfield, Fulton561794Massachusetts12b
HellenMayfield, Fulton251825Massachusetts
ElisabethMayfield, Fulton211829Massachusetts
NicholasMayfield, Fulton181832Massachusetts
CatharineMayfield, Fulton161834Massachusetts
{Family 163}
EbenezerMayfield, Fulton821768New Jersey3b
EleanorMayfield, Fulton731777New Hampshire
PhebeMayfield, Fulton501800New York
AnnMayfield, Fulton401810New York
{Family 164}
LovinaAlabama, Genesee181832New York325b
{Family 165}
PatriceElba, Genesee501800Vermont356
{Family 166}
WilliamElba, Genesee351815New York338
Amo (Ann)Elba, Genesee331817New York
Sarah JElba, Genesee111839New York
{Family 167}
LauraPembroke, Genesee531797New York288b
HarrisonPembroke, Genesee301820Vermont
AbnerPembroke, Genesee231827Vermont
JosephPembroke, Genesee161834New York
FranklinPembroke, Genesee111839New York
{Family 168}
Benj HNew Baltimore, Greene421808New York179b
Ann BNew Baltimore, Greene381812New York
Esther ANew Baltimore, Greene101840New York
Wm HNew Baltimore, Greene91841New York180
{Family 169}
Heman Fairfield, Herkimer171833New York192
AlzeraFairfield, Herkimer1842New York
{Family 170}
JohnGerman Flatts, Herkimer181832New York109b
{Family 171}
JuliusManheim, Herkimer161834New York355
{Family 172}
ChengNewport, Herkimer211829New York155
{Family 173}
WilliamNewport, Herkimer171833New York176
{Family 174}
StephenNorway, Herkimer561794Rhode Island268
LovinaNorway, Herkimer541796New York
GeorgeNorway, Herkimer261824New York
MaryNorway, Herkimer211829New York
Stephen JrNorway, Herkimer6/121850New York
{Family 175}
Silas POhio, Herkimer241826New York280
HarrietOhio, Herkimer251825New York
FannyOhio, Herkimer11849New York
{Family 176}
David MRussia, Herkimer321818New York78
JaneRussia, Herkimer321818New York
JohnRussia, Herkimer71843New York
GeorgeRussia, Herkimer41846New York
MiltonRussia, Herkimer11849New York
{Family 177}
ElijahSalisbury, Herkimer731777New Jersey335
MariaSalisbury, Herkimer651785New York
Henry FSalisbury, Herkimer321818New York
{Family 178}
FranklinSalisbury, Herkimer151835New York353

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