CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 121}
AlicePoughkeepsie, Dutchess561794England169
MosesPoughkeepsie, Dutchess301820England
HenryPoughkeepsie, Dutchess161834England
SarahPoughkeepsie, Dutchess181832England
AlicePoughkeepsie, Dutchess201830England
{Family 122}
JamesPoughkeepsie, Dutchess401810Ireland127b
AnnPoughkeepsie, Dutchess401810Ireland
EdwardPoughkeepsie, Dutchess31847Ireland
PaterickPoughkeepsie, Dutchess21848Ireland
OwenPoughkeepsie, Dutchess241826Ireland
{Family 123}
JudsonPoughkeepsie, Dutchess411809New York118
MelissaPoughkeepsie, Dutchess411809New York
JamesPoughkeepsie, Dutchess151835New York
SmithPoughkeepsie, Dutchess121838New York
AlaroPoughkeepsie, Dutchess71843New York
EllenPoughkeepsie, Dutchess111839New York
MarthaPoughkeepsie, Dutchess51845New York
{Family 124}
DavidStanford, Dutchess451805New York196b
MargaretStanford, Dutchess471803New York
William FStanford, Dutchess251825New York
David MStanford, Dutchess211829New York
Frederick BStanford, Dutchess201830New York
Josiah AStanford, Dutchess191831New York
AlmiraStanford, Dutchess161834New York
FrancesStanford, Dutchess141836New York
Gilbert TStanford, Dutchess131837New York197
Mariah VStanford, Dutchess101840New York
Charles FStanford, Dutchess81842New York
Corttan RStanford, Dutchess61844New York
Mary JaneStanford, Dutchess41846New York
Elias DStanford, Dutchess21848New York
{Family 125}
JosiahStanford, Dutchess201830New York216
{Family 126}
Anuriah (Ameriah) RAlden, Erie341816New York159
RebeccaAlden, Erie351815New York159b
PaulinaAlden, Erie131837New York
Judson HAlden, Erie81842New York
Marlin LAlden, Erie61844New York
Ann EAlden, Erie41846New York159b
{Family 127}
MosesAlden, Erie641786Connecticut158b
KatyAlden, Erie641786New Jersey
Hugh MAlden, Erie331817New York
CarolineAlden, Erie301820New York
RuelAlden, Erie121838New York
{Family 128}
HoraceAurora, Erie641786Connecticut101b
EmmaAurora, Erie551795Massachusetts
JarvisAurora, Erie231827New York
EmilyAurora, Erie201830New York
HarvyAurora, Erie171833New York
HiramAurora, Erie131837New York
{Family 129}
TrumanAurora, Erie541796Massachusetts68b
Barbara AnnAurora, Erie401810Vermont
HenryAurora, Erie251825New York
OrloAurora, Erie161834New York
FannyAurora, Erie131837New York
SavillaAurora, Erie111839New York
JamesAurora, Erie81842New York
GenetAurora, Erie81842New York
MaryAurora, Erie61844New York
SchuylerAurora, Erie31847New York
ElizaAurora, Erie21848New York
{Family 130}
JohnBuffalo Ward 1, Erie341816Norway16b
AnnBuffalo Ward 1, Erie311819Norway
JohnBuffalo Ward 1, Erie61844New York
LouisaBuffalo Ward 1, Erie31847New York
JohnBuffalo Ward 1, Erie11/121849New York
{Family 131}
Andrew SBuffalo Ward 2, Erie231827Ohio167b
{Family 132}
LucyBuffalo Ward 2, Erie661784Massachusetts182b
{Family 133}
NehemiahBuffalo Ward 2, Erie451805Massachusetts183b
Sophia IBuffalo Ward 2, Erie391811Pennsylvania
Warren HBuffalo Ward 2, Erie201830New York
Frances MBuffalo Ward 2, Erie101840New York
{Family 134}
JosephBuffalo Ward 3, Erie291821Ireland241b
{Family 135}
Whitney ABuffalo Ward 4, Erie261824New York342
MargaretBuffalo Ward 4, Erie251825New York
EdwardBuffalo Ward 4, Erie31847New York
{Family 136}
HenryEden, Erie281822New York370
EmilyEden, Erie231827New York
{Family 137}
John AHolland, Erie301820New York95b
ChestineHolland, Erie301820New York
SarahHolland, Erie1850New York
{Family 138}
WilliamLancaster, Erie281822Germany198
MargeretLancaster, Erie251825Germany
{Family 139}
Charles LSardinia, Erie391811New York107
BetseySardinia, Erie351815New York
MarySardinia, Erie91841New York
JohnSardinia, Erie51845New York
{Family 140}
JohnCrown Point, Essex491801Vermont359
SarahCrown Point, Essex301820Vermont
HenryCrown Point, Essex61844Vermont
JohnCrown Point, Essex41846Vermont
{Family 141}
JonathanElizabethtown, Essex641786New York156b
SarahElizabethtown, Essex621788Connecticut
{Family 142}
AlansonJay, Essex171833New York203b
{Family 143}
JamesJay, Essex241826New York204
{Family 144}
JesseJay, Essex721778Vermont203b
{Family 145}
LymanJay, Essex401810New York193
MaryJay, Essex351815Vermont
Heman (Herman?)Jay, Essex151835Vermont
Pehiel (Jehiel)Jay, Essex131837Vermont
NormanJay, Essex111839Vermont
EllenJay, Essex81842Vermont
CharlesJay, Essex61844Vermont
AdelbertJay, Essex41846New York
Albert EJay, Essex6/121850New York
{Family 146}
MargaretJay, Essex581792New York203b
{Family 147}
HiramTiconderoga, Essex501800Vermont324
JuliaTiconderoga, Essex341816New York
JaneTiconderoga, Essex161834New York
ElisaTiconderoga, Essex131837New York
ElisaTiconderoga, Essex121838New York
AnnTiconderoga, Essex81842New York
BisselTiconderoga, Essex61844New York
CarolineTiconderoga, Essex31847New York
MaryTiconderoga, Essex11/121849New York
{Family 148}
CatharineWestville, Franklin301820Ireland240

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