CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 92}
Ester (Estex)Smyrna, Chenango561794Connecticut6b
CoridonSmyrna, Chenango281822New York
E MSmyrna, Chenango261824New York
{Family 93}
L HSmyrna, Chenango351815New York7
JaneSmyrna, Chenango341816New York
DeborlsonSmyrna, Chenango111839Kentucky
InfantSmyrna, Chenango?1850New York
{Family 94}
RusselSmyrna, Chenango611789Connecticut6
PhiluraSmyrna, Chenango461804New York
DeliaSmyrna, Chenango231827New York
{Family 95}
Albert BBeekmantown, Clinton271823Vermont10b
{Family 96}
ErastusPlattsburgh, Clinton151835New York286b
{Family 97}
MelissaPlattsburgh, Clinton431807New York286b
PhebePlattsburgh, Clinton271833New York
Eastus (Erastus)Plattsburgh, Clinton151835New York
SarahPlattsburgh, Clinton131837New York
{Family 98}
AlfredSaranac, Clinton381812New York35
AlmiraSaranac, Clinton381812New York
LeanderSaranac, Clinton141836New York
LovinaSaranac, Clinton91841New York
AlmedaSaranac, Clinton51845New York
MariaSaranac, Clinton31847New York
{Family 99}
SanfordSaranac, Clinton301820New York38b
MatildaSaranac, Clinton271823England
WalterSaranac, Clinton91841New York
AllenSaranac, Clinton71843New York
HoraceSaranac, Clinton41846New York
{Family 100}
EmelineSchuyler Falls, Clinton161834New York111b
{Family 101}
AndrewAncram, Columbia401810New York104b
ElizaAncram, Columbia381812New York
{Family 102}
DavidChatham, Columbia871763Massachusetts62b
EdithChatham, Columbia841766Massachusetts
{Family 103}
Wm AChatham, Columbia541796New York62b
JaneChatham, Columbia421808New York
CalebChatham, Columbia171833New York
MaryChatham, Columbia141836New York
SarahChatham, Columbia91841New York
{Family 104}
AnthonyCortlandville, Cortland351815Massachusetts364
SarahCortlandville, Cortland301820New York
{Family 105}
WilliamCortlandville, Cortland451805Massachusetts369b
JosephCortlandville, Cortland371813Massachusetts
CatharineCortlandville, Cortland311819New York
LucenaCortlandville, Cortland51845New York
AmbrosCortlandville, Cortland31847New York
MarthaCortlandville, Cortland11849New York
{Family 106}
HiramDavenport, Delaware361814New Jersey 135
PollyDavenport, Delaware341816New Jersey
Mimwa (Minerva)Davenport, Delaware131837New Jersey
{Family 107}
JosephDavenport, Delaware151835New York135b
{Family 108}
LinasDavenport, Delaware751775New York153
MargaretDavenport, Delaware641786New York
{Family 109}
LavalleDelhi, Delaware151835New York246b
EmilyDelhi, Delaware181832New York
{Family 110}
{Family 111}
Noah OFranklin, Delaware761774Connecticut63b
RuthFranklin, Delaware621788New York
{Family 112}
RogerFranklin, Delaware721778Connecticut32
PermillaFranklin, Delaware521798New York
PermillaFranklin, Delaware211829New York
Charles FFranklin, Delaware121838New York32b
{Family 113}
David BStamford, Delaware451805New York179
Awneleth EStamford, Delaware401810New York
Ann EStamford, Delaware181832New York179b
OrlandoStamford, Delaware161834New York
Granley (Granby)Stamford, Delaware91841New York
{Family 114}
BuellWalton, Delaware621788New York9b
AbbyWalton, Delaware621788New York
{Family 115}
JohnEast Fishkill, Dutchess941756New York133
SarahEast Fishkill, Dutchess751775New York
{Family 116}
HenryFishkill, Dutchess591791New York26
Sarah AFishkill, Dutchess531797New York
JabezFishkill, Dutchess211829Pennsylvania
SarahFishkill, Dutchess191831Pennsylvania
{Family 117}
TimothyFishkill, Dutchess271823New York81b
AngelineFishkill, Dutchess181832New York
NewellFishkill, Dutchess2/121850New York
{Family 118}
EllenNorth East, Dutchess751775Connecticut320
{Family 119}
ClarissaPine Plains, Dutchess141836New York194b
{Family 120}
JamesPine Plains, Dutchess661784New York192b
AnniePine Plains, Dutchess601790New York
AbnerPine Plains, Dutchess341816New York
WilliamPine Plains, Dutchess261824New York
CatharinePine Plains, Dutchess261824New York

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