CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 638}
JohnGalen, Wayne441806Rhode Island357
RuthGalen, Wayne331817New York
{Family 639}
NathanGalen, Wayne331817New York380
JaneGalen, Wayne241826New York
SarahGalen, Wayne21848New York
{Family 640}
AbnerHuron, Wayne351815New York403b
{Family 641}
HenryHuron, Wayne651775New Jersey402b
SarahHuron, Wayne691781New York
DelaniaHuron, Wayne241826New York
JohnHuron, Wayne261824New York
ChasHuron, Wayne61844New York
{Family 642}
LewisHuron, Wayne381812Connecticut403
ElizaHuron, Wayne261824New York
HarveyHuron, Wayne161834New York
RandolphHuron, Wayne121838New York
SpencerHuron, Wayne61844New York
ChasHuron, Wayne41846New York
AlbertHuron, Wayne31847New York
{Family 643}
HudsonLyons, Wayne281822New York460b
{Family 644}
IraMarion, Wayne601790Connecticut214
PhebeMarion, Wayne521798New Jersey
MarvinMarion, Wayne251825New York
ElizaMarion, Wayne211829New York
John AMarion, Wayne161834New York
SchuylerMarion, Wayne121838New York
Sarah JMarion, Wayne101840New York
MarshallMarion, Wayne41846New York
{Family 645}
GamalielSodus, Wayne381812New York165b
RoxannaSodus, Wayne321818New York
CharlesSodus, Wayne131837New York
HannahSodus, Wayne111839New York
FrancesSodus, Wayne81842New York
JamesSodus, Wayne71843New York
SusanSodus, Wayne31847New York
AmosSodus, Wayne691771Connecticut
{Family 646}
HarveySodus, Wayne591791Connecticut201b
CatharineSodus, Wayne541796Connecticut
TrumanSodus, Wayne251825New York
LeviSodus, Wayne221828New York
NormanSodus, Wayne191831New York
JamesSodus, Wayne161834New York
Ruth ASodus, Wayne151835New York
ElizaSodus, Wayne101840New York
{Family 647}
JamesSodus, Wayne471803Connecticut165b
MarySodus, Wayne481802Pennsylvania
Almon GSodus, Wayne181832New York
Hannah ESodus, Wayne161834New York
AmosSodus, Wayne131837New York
ByronSodus, Wayne101840New York
Mary NSodus, Wayne71843New York
{Family 648}
RogerSodus, Wayne401810New York175
Ann WSodus, Wayne381812New York
JosephSodus, Wayne51845New York
GeorgeSodus, Wayne21848New York
{Family 649}
WestbrookSodus, Wayne211829New York201b
MargaretSodus, Wayne241826New York
AlonsoSodus, Wayne21848New York
{Family 650}
WilliamSodus, Wayne401810New York170b
CatharineSodus, Wayne411809New York
JohnSodus, Wayne141836New York
IsaacSodus, Wayne91841New York
MarthaSodus, Wayne61844New York
JacobSodus, Wayne41846New York
{Family 651}
GeorgeSodus, Wayne191831New York172b
{Family 652}
MargaretCortlandt, Westchester251825Ireland204b
{Family 653}
GeorgeNew Rochelle, Westchester461804New York172b
{Family 654}
CalebNorth Salem, Westchester401810New York312b
ElizaNorth Salem, Westchester381812New York
JoelNorth Salem, Westchester171833New York
James FNorth Salem, Westchester101840New York
{Family 655}
John T MOssining, Westchester401810Massachusetts40
{Family 656}
Chancy LBennington, Wyoming341816New York102
FannyBennington, Wyoming271823New York102b
AtthiaBennington, Wyoming191831Connecticut
AtthiaBennington, Wyoming541796Connecticut
{Family 657}
Louisa HBennington, Wyoming221828New York102
Jane ABennington, Wyoming181832New York
Marlin PBennington, Wyoming151835New York
{Family 658}
MartinBennington, Wyoming481802Connecticut103b
LucindaBennington, Wyoming221828New York
HarlowBennington, Wyoming201830New York
AmeliaBennington, Wyoming171833New York
PetticeBennington, Wyoming61834New York
LucyBennington, Wyoming71843New York
LoretBennington, Wyoming51845New York
{Family 659}
ClarrisaMiddlebury, Wyoming451805New York240
{Family 660}
EdwardMiddlebury, Wyoming271823New York230
{Family 661}
Andrew FOrangeville, Wyoming191831New York33
{Family 662}
HarveyOrangeville, Wyoming601790Connecticut33b
Eyperience (Experience)Orangeville, Wyoming511799New Hampshire
ElizabethOrangeville, Wyoming171833New York
{Family 663}
LouisaOrangeville, Wyoming211829New York32
{Family 664}
FithinSheldon, Wyoming661784New York11
Rhoda SSheldon, Wyoming621788Connecticut
MarietteSheldon, Wyoming331817Connecticut
MariaSheldon, Wyoming301820Connecticut
PhelpsSheldon, Wyoming271823New York
{Family 665}
JamesSheldon, Wyoming681782Massachusetts?5b
LucindaSheldon, Wyoming641786Connecticut
WilliamSheldon, Wyoming251825New York
IsabellaSheldon, Wyoming161834New York
HarrietSheldon, Wyoming151835New York
{Family 666}
JosephSheldon, Wyoming311819New York5b
EmilySheldon, Wyoming181832New York
{Family 667}
MissWarsaw, Wyoming241826New York323
{Family 668}
HenryMiddlesex, Yates481802New York30b
MariaMiddlesex, Yates461804New York
Phebe AMiddlesex, Yates151835New York
LucyMiddlesex, Yates131837New York
John HMiddlesex, Yates121838New York
{Family 669}
HenryMiddlesex, Yates221828New York42
{Family 670}
Charles RPotter, Yates261824New York2
AnnPotter, Yates231827New York
{Family 671}
LucyPotter, Yates141836New York5b

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