CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 611}
AndrewGroton, Tompkins351815New York161
SusanGroton, Tompkins291821New York
JohnGroton, Tompkins81842New York
ElisharGroton, Tompkins31847New York
{Family 612}
ErastusGroton, Tompkins191831New York159
{Family 613}
AmandaHector, Tompkins231827Connecticut365b
{Family 614}
HomerHector, Tompkins221828New York412b
{Family 615}
JosephHector, Tompkins291821New York368
Sarah AnnHector, Tompkins221828New York
Mary EHector, Tompkins8/121849New York
{Family 616}
Joseph BHector, Tompkins441806New York403b
LovinaHector, Tompkins421808New York
ElseyHector, Tompkins221828New York404
Ezra GHector, Tompkins201830New York
WilliamHector, Tompkins161834New York
EmilyHector, Tompkins141836New York
Nancy AHector, Tompkins121838New York
Sarah JHector, Tompkins71843New York
Mary EHector, Tompkins51845New York
HarrietHector, Tompkins31847New York
Hester MHector, Tompkins3/121850New York
ChesterHector, Tompkins211829New York
{Family 617}
SamuelHector, Tompkins481802New York361
LouisaHector, Tompkins391811New York
HarrietHector, Tompkins71843New York
WmHector, Tompkins41846New York
{Family 618}
StephenHector, Tompkins151835New York404b
{Family 619}
EdelIthaca, Tompkins231827New York253b
{Family 620}
PhilipIthaca, Tompkins391811Virginia217b
LydiaIthaca, Tompkins271823New York
Margaret LIthaca, Tompkins31847New York
{Family 621}
James HLansing, Tompkins111839New York165
{Family 622}
JohnLansing, Tompkins581792New Jersey195b
ElizabethLansing, Tompkins571793Pennsylvania
{Family 623}
HelenKingston, Ulster71843New York93
{Family 624}
MargaretGlens Falls, Warren401810New York41
{Family 625}
MichaelEaston, Washington351815Ireland374b
{Family 626}
JohnFort Edward, Washington301820New York182b
ElizabethFort Edward, Washington251825New York
DeliaFort Edward, Washington31847New York
AlfredFort Edward, Washington7/121850New York
AlphinsFort Edward, Washington7/121850New York
{Family 627}
LovinaFort Edward, Washington591791New York178
JohnFort Edward, Washington131837New York
{Family 628}
MortimerFort Edward, Washington371813New York178
MarthaFort Edward, Washington361814New York
Julius FFort Edward, Washington81842New York
William JFort Edward, Washington61844New York
{Family 629}
CharlesHartford, Washington261824New York257b
{Family 630}
HughHartford, Washington141836Ireland257b
{Family 631}
JHartford, Washington361814New York263
{Family 632}
MaryHartford, Washington411809New York270
{Family 633}
WmHartford, Washington651785Connecticut266
VestaHartford, Washington291821New York
DennisHartford, Washington191831New York
{Family 634}
HiramHebron, Washington531797New York281b
PollyHebron, Washington511799New York
WilliamHebron, Washington241826New York
PhebeHebron, Washington181832New York
Laura AHebron, Washington161834New York
James FHebron, Washington141836New York
MaryHebron, Washington121838New York
CharlotteHebron, Washington81842New York
Dallas PHebron, Washington51845New York
{Family 635}
Philianda (Philinda)Hebron, Washington451805New York281
{Family 636}
HelenKingsbury, Washington841766Vermont222
{Family 637}
TobiasWhite Creek, Washington291821New York298
Esther AWhite Creek, Washington261824New York
SarahWhite Creek, Washington61844New York
Nathan SWhite Creek, Washington51845New York
JoannaWhite Creek, Washington31847New York
Mary EWhite Creek, Washington3/121850New York

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