CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 581}
ElishaSouthold, Suffolk441806New York284b
FannySouthold, Suffolk451805New York
OscarSouthold, Suffolk121838New York
{Family 582}
FannySouthold, Suffolk261824New York292b
{Family 583}
Franklin BSouthold, Suffolk361814New York284
SarahSouthold, Suffolk331817New York
SarahSouthold, Suffolk151835New York
DouglasSouthold, Suffolk131837New York
EmmaSouthold, Suffolk111839New York
FrankSouthold, Suffolk91841New York284b
RebeccaSouthold, Suffolk61844New York
GeorgeSouthold, Suffolk41846New York
TheodoreSouthold, Suffolk10/121849New York
HarrietSouthold, Suffolk321818New York
BenjSouthold, Suffolk771773New York
{Family 584}
G TerrySouthold, Suffolk451805New York285
MarySouthold, Suffolk431807New York
ElizabethSouthold, Suffolk681782New York
SophroniaSouthold, Suffolk191831New York
AddisonSouthold, Suffolk171833New York
CharlotteSouthold, Suffolk131837New York285b
HarrietSouthold, Suffolk91841New York
{Family 585}
GeorgeSouthold, Suffolk441806New York310b
MariaSouthold, Suffolk441806New York
Danl HSouthold, Suffolk201830New York
Chas DSouthold, Suffolk51845New York
{Family 586}
GordonSouthold, Suffolk561794New York287
Charity HSouthold, Suffolk571793New York
CarolineSouthold, Suffolk171833New York
JesseSouthold, Suffolk121838New York
{Family 587}
H HSouthold, Suffolk551795New York284b
Charity WSouthold, Suffolk541796New York
Julia MSouthold, Suffolk241826New York
{Family 588}
JacobSouthold, Suffolk681782New York298b
HannahSouthold, Suffolk581792New York
{Family 589}
Jemma (Jemmica)Southold, Suffolk541796New York326
{Family 590}
MosesSouthold, Suffolk621788New York287
AsenathSouthold, Suffolk601790New York
GilbertSouthold, Suffolk251825New York
{Family 591}
Moses LSouthold, Suffolk311819New York303b
MarySouthold, Suffolk241826New York
ChasSouthold, Suffolk51845New York
EugeneSouthold, Suffolk21848New York
{Family 592}
NathanlSouthold, Suffolk481802Massachusetts309b
Hellen MSouthold, Suffolk141836Massachusetts
NathanlSouthold, Suffolk171833Massachusetts
Betsey ASouthold, Suffolk121848Massachusetts310
DesireSouthold, Suffolk731848Massachusetts
{Family 593}
PaulSouthold, Suffolk701780New York284
SusanSouthold, Suffolk701780New York
AbySouthold, Suffolk471803New York
{Family 594}
Phebe ASouthold, Suffolk281822New York301
BenjnSouthold, Suffolk31847New York
{Family 595}
PrudenceSouthold, Suffolk621788New York303b
PrudenceSouthold, Suffolk211829New York
{Family 596}
SarahSouthold, Suffolk711779New York286
Jane ESouthold, Suffolk331817New York
W HSouthold, Suffolk151835New York
{Family 597}
Sarah CSouthold, Suffolk381812New York300
J Wickham Southold, Suffolk431807New York
{Family 598}
Selden BSouthold, Suffolk401810New York285
CarolineSouthold, Suffolk361814New York
SpencerSouthold, Suffolk111839New York
{Family 599}
WarrenSouthold, Suffolk261824New York326
JaneSouthold, Suffolk201830New York
{Family 600-A}
Hannibal (surname listed: Cade)Bethel, Sullivan511799New York76
AnnBethel, Sullivan441806New York
Eliza (surname listed: Watton)Bethel, Sullivan211829New York
CorneliaBethel, Sullivan191931New York
HannibleBethel, Sullivan171833New York
ClintonBethel, Sullivan141836New York
Wm HarrisonBethel, Sullivan131837New York
Phebe ABethel, Sullivan101840New York
GeoBethel, Sullivan81842New York
IsaacBethel, Sullivan61844New York
CharlesBethel, Sullivan31847New York
{Family 600}
HenryForestburgh, Sullivan601790New York173
AsenathForestburgh, Sullivan381812New York
Ada AForestburgh, Sullivan41846New York
TyerickForestburgh, Sullivan11849New York
{Family 601}
WilliamForestburgh, Sullivan461804New York173b
SallyForestburgh, Sullivan441806New York
BenjaminForestburgh, Sullivan221828New York
HenryForestburgh, Sullivan201830New York
SamuelForestburgh, Sullivan161834New York
JacobForestburgh, Sullivan131837New York
JemimaForestburgh, Sullivan71843New York
CatharineForestburgh, Sullivan61844New York
{Family 602}
MartinLiberty, Sullivan251825Ireland114b
{Family 602-B}
JacksonThompson, Sullivan191831New York70b
Mary EThompson, Sullivan131837New York
{Family 603}
David BBarton, Tioga461804New York31b
MariahBarton, Tioga371813New York
SusannahBarton, Tioga141836New York
ElizabethBarton, Tioga71843New York
EliasBarton, Tioga51845New York
MariahBarton, Tioga21848New York
{Family 604}
JohnBarton, Tioga271823New York2b
Abigail EBarton, Tioga271823New York
{Family 605}
ZenasOwego, Tioga441806New York243
HannahOwego, Tioga381812New York
HiramOwego, Tioga171833New York
PeterOwego, Tioga131837New York
DanielOwego, Tioga81842New York
{Family 606}
SmithOwego, Tioga121838New York191
{Family 607}
AlfredDanby, Tompkins171833New York36
{Family 608}
NancyDanby, Tompkins131837New York36
{Family 609}
DavidDryden, Tompkins431807New York94b
MaryDryden, Tompkins401810New York95
WilliamDryden, Tompkins191831New York
JoannahDryden, Tompkins131837New York
DavidDryden, Tompkins101840New York
JehielDryden, Tompkins81842New York
MaryDryden, Tompkins61844New York
EstherDryden, Tompkins41846New York
EleazerDryden, Tompkins9/121849New York
{Family 610}
EbeazerDryden, Tompkins331817New York97
NancyDryden, Tompkins291821New York
EuniceDryden, Tompkins71843New York

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