CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 31}
ThomasLyndon, Cattaraugus321818New York407b
BetsyLyndon, Cattaraugus231827New York
Jason DLyndon, Cattaraugus21848New York
Edward NLyndon, Cattaraugus8/121850New York
{Family 32}
StephenLyndon, Cattaraugus261824New York404
{Family 33}
Job RNapoli, Cattaraugus291821New York66
Deborah MNapoli, Cattaraugus311819New York
AnnaNapoli, Cattaraugus61844New York
Mary TNapoli, Cattaraugus51845New York
WilliamNapoli, Cattaraugus31847New York
EugeneNapoli, Cattaraugus1/3651850New York
{Family 34}
WilliamNapoli, Cattaraugus551795Massachusetts66b
SophiaNapoli, Cattaraugus501800New York
Narvey (Nancy)Napoli, Cattaraugus191831New York
JohnNapoli, Cattaraugus161834New York
MarthaNapoli, Cattaraugus141836New York
MartinNapoli, Cattaraugus141836New York
Liderey (Sidney)Napoli, Cattaraugus121838New York
{Family 35}
William HNew Albion, Cattaraugus301820New York21b
SybilNew Albion, Cattaraugus271823New York
HarlinNew Albion, Cattaraugus91841New York
MarvinNew Albion, Cattaraugus71843Wisconsin
AmandaNew Albion, Cattaraugus51845Wisconsin
NancyNew Albion, Cattaraugus11849New York
{Family 36}
Amos JYorkshire, Cattaraugus341816New Hampshire463b
Amelia AYorkshire, Cattaraugus261824New York
David HYorkshire, Cattaraugus51845Ohio
Daniel TYorkshire, Cattaraugus31847New York
Sarah EYorkshire, Cattaraugus11849New York
{Family 37}
ResolveAuburn Ward 1, Cayuga241826New York234b
{Family 38}
AnnAuburn Ward 2, Cayuga121838Ireland236b
{Family 39}
ErastusAuburn Ward 3, Cayuga611789Connecticut286
MaryAuburn Ward 3, Cayuga601790Connecticut286b
Theodore PAuburn Ward 3, Cayuga321818Connecticut
{Family 40}
Dalava (Dalana)Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga501800Ireland287
ClintonAuburn Ward 3, Cayuga71843Ireland
JohnAuburn Ward 3, Cayuga601790Ireland
{Family 41}
LuradAurelius, Cayuga141836New York344
{Family 42}
MatildaAurelius, Cayuga191831New York330b
{Family 43}
CharlesFleming, Cayuga211829New York208b
{Family 44}
John MFleming, Cayuga421808New York203b
EmelineFleming, Cayuga291821New York
LouisaFleming, Cayuga121838New York
EdwinFleming, Cayuga91841New York
HannahFleming, Cayuga71843New York
AustinFleming, Cayuga21848New York
HannahFleming, Cayuga641786New York
Betsey MFleming, Cayuga331817New York
{Family 45}
Mifford DFleming, Cayuga351815New York203b
ElectaFleming, Cayuga311819New York
Oscar EFleming, Cayuga91841New York
Mary EFleming, Cayuga71843New York
{Family 46}
Volney GFleming, Cayuga271823New York203b
Rachel JFleming, Cayuga241826New York
Geo BFleming, Cayuga51845New York
Lorenzo MFleming, Cayuga31847New York
Wm HFleming, Cayuga11849New York
{Family 47}
GilbertScipio, Cayuga181832New York193b
{Family 48}
Nathaniel LSempronius, Cayuga371813New York44
Susan HSempronius, Cayuga311819New York
Samuel GSempronius, Cayuga51845New York
{Family 49}
RobertSempronius, Cayuga501800New York44b
AdalineSempronius, Cayuga491801New York
JohnSempronius, Cayuga201830New York
WmSempronius, Cayuga191831New York
CatharineSempronius, Cayuga141836New York
{Family 50}
SamlSennett, Cayuga261824New York381b
MarionSennett, Cayuga1822New York
NancySennett, Cayuga481802New York
Resalved (Resolved)Sennett, Cayuga251825New York
{Family 51}
ThaddeusSennett, Cayuga211829Massachusetts369b
{Family 52}
SidneySterling, Cayuga421808New York204
TheresaSterling, Cayuga411809New York
MiloSterling, Cayuga81842New York
AlzinaSterling, Cayuga61844New York
{Family 53}
JohnSummerhill, Cayuga381812New York12
SarahSummerhill, Cayuga401810New York
WmSummerhill, Cayuga161834New York
AdamSummerhill, Cayuga131837New York
{Family 54}
Joseph ABusti, Chautauqua421808New York28b
PattyBusti, Chautauqua401810Vermont
EdwinBusti, Chautauqua181832New York
FrancisBusti, Chautauqua131837New York
SusanBusti, Chautauqua61844New York
HarrietBusti, Chautauqua31847New York
MarthaBusti, Chautauqua11849New York
{Family 55}
HowardBusti, Chautauqua231827New York29
MaryBusti, Chautauqua241826New York
LabanBusti, Chautauqua691781New York29b
SallyBusti, Chautauqua641786New York
{Family 56}
Asa HCharlotte, Chautauqua511799New York206b
MaryCharlotte, Chautauqua561794Connecticut
{Family 57}
Rueben (CARE?)Ellery, Chautauqua481802New York182
ArrisEllery, Chautauqua411809New York
Mary AEllery, Chautauqua201830New York182b
PulaskiEllery, Chautauqua191831New York
SidneyEllery, Chautauqua161834New York
TurseyEllery, Chautauqua141836New York
HarrisonEllery, Chautauqua91841New York
{Family 58}
A TEllington, Chautauqua401810Massachusetts141b
SophiaEllington, Chautauqua371813Massachusetts
John HEllington, Chautauqua151835New York
FranklinEllington, Chautauqua121838New York
HelenEllington, Chautauqua111839New York
TheadoreEllington, Chautauqua91841New York
{Family 59}
J TEllington, Chautauqua451805New York147b
ElizaEllington, Chautauqua501800New Hampshire
Charles LEllington, Chautauqua171833New York
{Family 60}
Luther HFrench Creek, Chautauqua341816New York294b
LucyFrench Creek, Chautauqua331817Vermont
{Family 61}
Nathan GFrench Creek, Chautauqua581792New York295
LucyFrench Creek, Chautauqua511799Vermont
HomerFrench Creek, Chautauqua301820New York
Lucy EFrench Creek, Chautauqua251825Vermont
Darwin AFrench Creek, Chautauqua201830Vermont
Ziba DFrench Creek, Chautauqua171833New York
Lucy AFrench Creek, Chautauqua131837New York
Henry RFrench Creek, Chautauqua111839New York

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