CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 551}
Polly AnnLodi, Seneca131837New York7
{Family 552}
C JTyre, Seneca351815New York251b
AlmiraTyre, Seneca281822New York
M LTyre, Seneca51845New York
O JTyre, Seneca41846New York
D STyre, Seneca31847New York
S HTyre, Seneca8/121850New York
{Family 553}
W HTyre, Seneca281822New York250b
E ATyre, Seneca281822New York
DeborahTyre, Seneca641786Vermont
{Family 554}
CharlesAddison, Steuben211829New York225b
{Family 555}
Hannah MBradford, Steuben221828New York265
{Family 556}
DanielCampbell, Steuben571793New York125
AsenathCampbell, Steuben521798New York
ChauncyCampbell, Steuben231827Pennsylvania
Laura CCampbell, Steuben111839New York
{Family 557}
James ACanisteo, Steuben281822New York5b
HannahCanisteo, Steuben271823New York
WilliamCanisteo, Steuben11849New York
{Family 558}
JamesDansville, Steuben481802Connecticut114
LorrettaDansville, Steuben461804New York
SeymourDansville, Steuben61844New York
{Family 559}
MalohnErwin, Steuben451805New Jersey80b
EllenErwin, Steuben471803New Jersey
AmandaErwin, Steuben121838New York
EllenErwin, Steuben101840New York
MaryErwin, Steuben71843New York
FannyErwin, Steuben51845New York
MahlonErwin, Steuben31847New York
LisleErwin, Steuben1/121850New York
HoldenErwin, Steuben1/121850New York
{Family 560}
WilsonErwin, Steuben191831New York78b
Melhana MMMErwin, Steuben141836New York
{Family 561}
CarolineHornby, Steuben181832New Jersey101
{Family 562}
Abigah B (Abijah)Howard, Steuben471803New York74
SophronaHoward, Steuben451805New York
George THoward, Steuben201830New York
JuliaHoward, Steuben171833New York74b
Dyton LHoward, Steuben121838New York
{Family 563}
JohnJasper, Steuben251825New York294b
Ann EJasper, Steuben211829New York
HarrietJasper, Steuben11849New York
{Family 564}
Frederick WPainted Post, Steuben481802Connecticut8a
DianaPainted Post, Steuben451805Rhode Island
MaryPainted Post, Steuben171833New York
WilliamPainted Post, Steuben151835New York
FrancesPainted Post, Steuben101840New York9
SarahPainted Post, Steuben61844New York
{Family 565}
IsaReading, Steuben301820New York187b
MariaReading, Steuben231827New York
AngelineReading, Steuben21848New York
{Family 566}
DavidBrookhaven, Suffolk771773New York216
HannahBrookhaven, Suffolk691781New York
{Family 567}
David WBrookhaven, Suffolk431807New York216
CarolineBrookhaven, Suffolk391811New York
David NBrookhaven, Suffolk201830New York
Julia ABrookhaven, Suffolk171833New York
NancyBrookhaven, Suffolk131837New York
MaryBrookhaven, Suffolk91841New York
EvelinaBrookhaven, Suffolk41846New York
{Family 568}
EstherBrookhaven, Suffolk441806New York223b
BenjnBrookhaven, Suffolk181832New York
DanlBrookhaven, Suffolk141836New York
MarthaBrookhaven, Suffolk81842New York
{Family 569}
SamlRiverhead, Suffolk801770New York254b
BetseyRiverhead, Suffolk791771New York
DavidRiverhead, Suffolk401810New York
DencyRiverhead, Suffolk301820New York
{Family 570}
HenryShelter Island, Suffolk321818New York
Mary AShelter Island, Suffolk261824New York
AlexanderShelter Island, Suffolk21848New York443b
NapoleonShelter Island, Suffolk6/121850New York
{Family 571}
JasonShelter Island, Suffolk761774New York446
PeggyShelter Island, Suffolk701780New York
{Family 572}
Joseph SShelter Island, Suffolk381812New York444
LucretiaShelter Island, Suffolk371813New York
Margaret CShelter Island, Suffolk141836New York
George CShelter Island, Suffolk121838New York
EmilyShelter Island, Suffolk91841New York
Henry CShelter Island, Suffolk31847New York
Joseph WShelter Island, Suffolk11849New York
HannahShelter Island, Suffolk661784New York
{Family 573}
AlbertSouthold, Suffolk451805New York299b
RuthSouthold, Suffolk401810New York
JuliaSouthold, Suffolk831767New York
{Family 574}
AlfredSouthold, Suffolk491801New York295
HannahSouthold, Suffolk461804New York
EmilySouthold, Suffolk221828New York
SarahSouthold, Suffolk111839New York
ChasSouthold, Suffolk91841New York
BetseySouthold, Suffolk401810New York
HannahSouthold, Suffolk701780New York
{Family 575}
BetseySouthold, Suffolk661784New York283
AlbertsonSouthold, Suffolk61844New York
{Family 576}
CookSouthold, Suffolk381812New York309b
AnnSouthold, Suffolk251825New York
CeceliaSouthold, Suffolk51845New York
{Family 577}
DanielSouthold, Suffolk481802New York285b
JoshuaSouthold, Suffolk431807New York286
SabrinaSouthold, Suffolk501800New York
{Family 578}
Danl GSouthold, Suffolk81842New York286
J Havens Southold, Suffolk171833New York
A W Havens Southold, Suffolk61844New York
{Family 579}
David BSouthold, Suffolk491801New York285
Mehitaber (Mehitabel)Southold, Suffolk491801New York
Christopher CSouthold, Suffolk151835New York
{Family 580}
Ebenezer WSouthold, Suffolk271823New York317b
ElizabethSouthold, Suffolk221828New York
AlbertSouthold, Suffolk11849New York317b

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