CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 491}
Angeline HHastings, Oswego191831New York283b
{Family 492}
John MHastings, Oswego451805New York287
SarahHastings, Oswego491804New York
SamuelHastings, Oswego211829New York
AngelineHastings, Oswego191831New York
PerryHastings, Oswego181832New York
MarietteHastings, Oswego171833New York
RachaelHastings, Oswego131837New York
OrinHastings, Oswego91841New York
Charles HHastings, Oswego81842New York
MargaretHastings, Oswego61844New York
{Family 493}
MarietteHastings, Oswego141836New York274
{Family 494}
WelthyMexico, Oswego761774Connecticut88b
{Family 495}
SimeonPalermo, Oswego251825New York44
SarahPalermo, Oswego281822New York
Charles HPalermo, Oswego11849New York
{Family 496}
SimeonPalermo, Oswego281822New York46
SarahPalermo, Oswego271823New York
Charles HPalermo, Oswego11849New York
{Family 497}
Sarah PParish, Oswego161834New York27
{Family 498}
Slocum VParish, Oswego451805New York23
AnnParish, Oswego461804New York
WestleyParish, Oswego131837New York
Jane AParish, Oswego101840New York
Deforest DParish, Oswego31847New York
{Family 499}
ElisabethPhoenix, Oswego41846New York288b
{Family 500}
David RVolney, Oswego511799New York322
HannahVolney, Oswego301820New York
Lois CVolney, Oswego201830New York
Mary HVolney, Oswego151835New York
SarahVolney, Oswego131837New York
Frederick RVolney, Oswego111839New York
Andrew CVolney, Oswego41846New York322b
MargaretVolney, Oswego551795New York
{Family 501}
PhebeVolney, Oswego751775Connecticut327
{Family 502}
AlonzoWilliamstown, Oswego301820New York215b
Dawit (Dewit)Williamstown, Oswego181832New York
{Family 503}
CalebWilliamstown, Oswego651785New York218b
CynthiaWilliamstown, Oswego551795New York
{Family 504}
JamesWilliamstown, Oswego541796New York208b
PollyWilliamstown, Oswego531797New York
Charles EWilliamstown, Oswego81842New York
{Family 505}
James SrWilliamstown, Oswego231827New York209
MariaWilliamstown, Oswego221828New York
James HWilliamstown, Oswego31847New York
Francis JWilliamstown, Oswego8/121850New York
OliverWilliamstown, Oswego831767New York
{Family 506}
JonathanWilliamstown, Oswego611789New York212
AmyWilliamstown, Oswego521798Vermont
AlansonWilliamstown, Oswego291821New York
DuaneWilliamstown, Oswego181832New York
DewittWilliamstown, Oswego161834New York
Polly AWilliamstown, Oswego201830New York
HenryWilliamstown, Oswego121838New York
NathanWilliamstown, Oswego71843New York
{Family 507}
MosesWilliamstown, Oswego501800New York214
DorcasWilliamstown, Oswego461804Massachusetts
Jacin DWilliamstown, Oswego171833New York
MinervaWilliamstown, Oswego151835New York
JaneWilliamstown, Oswego131837New York
MyronWilliamstown, Oswego101840New York
JoannaWilliamstown, Oswego81842New York
{Family 508}
Samuel HOneonta, Otsego401810New York136
AmeliaOneonta, Otsego361814New York136b
Samuel MOneonta, Otsego131837New York
Caroline LOneonta, Otsego51845New York
{Family 509}
WilliamCarmel, Putnam101840New York152b
{Family 510}
MaryFlushing, Queens441806New York275
CorneliaFlushing, Queens141836New York
FrederickFlushing, Queens101840New York
{Family 511}
JohnJamaica, Queens451805Not Stated307
{Family 512}
Mary AnnJamaica, Queens181832England269
{Family 513}
CatharineNew Town, Queens301820Ireland116b
{Family 514}
JonathanHoosick, Rensselaer491801New York375
LydiaHoosick, Rensselaer461804New York
John BHoosick, Rensselaer221828New York
MaryHoosick, Rensselaer201830New York
EmilyHoosick, Rensselaer181832New York
JuliaHoosick, Rensselaer141836New York
AlchaHoosick, Rensselaer111839New York
OrphaHoosick, Rensselaer91841New York
MarthaHoosick, Rensselaer61844New York
LydiaHoosick, Rensselaer41846New York
{Family 515}
SarahHoosick, Rensselaer671783Massachusetts375
SarahHoosick, Rensselaer381812New York
{Family 516}
JosephPetersburg, Rensselaer351815Rhode Island195
DorcasPetersburg, Rensselaer251825Rhode Island
JosephPetersburg, Rensselaer11849Rhode Island
AmyPetersburg, Rensselaer701780Rhode Island
{Family 517}
CusterPittstown, Rensselaer381812New York402
HarrietPittstown, Rensselaer361814New York
JohnPittstown, Rensselaer101840New York
FinettPittstown, Rensselaer61844New York
PhebePittstown, Rensselaer31847New York
{Family 518}
David Pittstown, Rensselaer511799New York419
SylvaPittstown, Rensselaer431807New York
CarolinePittstown, Rensselaer211829New York
Sylva AnnPittstown, Rensselaer201830New York
EvelinePittstown, Rensselaer181832New York
Wm JPittstown, Rensselaer161834New York
David HPittstown, Rensselaer131837New York
JonathanPittstown, Rensselaer101840New York
Alcha FPittstown, Rensselaer81842New York
Edwin SPittstown, Rensselaer51845New York
Everett WPittstown, Rensselaer10/121849New York
{Family 519}
JacobPittstown, Rensselaer501800New York430
Isbazail (Abigail)Pittstown, Rensselaer421808Vermont
Horsa (Alvira)Pittstown, Rensselaer141836New York
Wm HPittstown, Rensselaer121838New York
NathanPittstown, Rensselaer91841New York

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