CASE Families living in New York in 181850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 459}
DanielGoshen, Orange691781New York193
JuliaGoshen, Orange651785New York
Phebe CGoshen, Orange301820New York
{Family 460}
Daria (David?)Goshen, Orange591791New York193b
EuniceGoshen, Orange931757New York
George SGoshen, Orange271823New York
{Family 461}
David EGoshen, Orange301820New York193b
Hannah CGoshen, Orange301820New York
Harriet EGoshen, Orange131837New York
TheadoreGoshen, Orange111839New York
Charles HGoshen, Orange41846New York
{Family 462}
DeborahGoshen, Orange751775New York204
{Family 463}
ElizabethGoshen, Orange501800New York204
CarolineGoshen, Orange261824New York
MargaretGoshen, Orange241826New York
ElizabethGoshen, Orange231827New York
{Family 464}
Joseph MMinisink, Orange411809New York246b
JopheraMinisink, Orange291821New York
Sarah JMinisink, Orange271823New York
MaryMinisink, Orange281822New York
Wm WMinisink, Orange111839New York
John BMinisink, Orange71843New York
{Family 465}
(surname Culver?)
Goshen, Orange661784New York193b
Jesse Goshen, Orange91841New York
Edwin Goshen, Orange81842New York
Sarah E Goshen, Orange61841New York
George Goshen, Orange41846New York
Daniel Goshen, Orange6/121850New York
{Family 466}
NancyGoshen, Orange391811New York196
JesseGoshen, Orange51845New York
BirdseyGoshen, Orange651785New York
{Family 467}
Benjr W (Benjm W)Monroe, Orange591791New York307
MayMonroe, Orange511799New York
PhoebeMonroe, Orange181832New York
HannahMonroe, Orange161834New York
ChasMonroe, Orange141836New York
JnoMonroe, Orange121838New York
AmandaMonroe, Orange131837New York
{Family 468}
HenryMount Hope, Orange451805New York339
ElizabethMount Hope, Orange401810New York
Patience JMount Hope, Orange181832New York
GabrielMount Hope, Orange151835New York
SilasMount Hope, Orange111839New York
AlonzoMount Hope, Orange81842New York
LorenzoMount Hope, Orange81842New York
Mary EMount Hope, Orange31847New York
Wm HMount Hope, Orange2/121850New York
{Family 469}
WalterNew Windsor, Orange361814New York248b
{Family 470}
Ann RNewburgh, Orange251825New York74
AgustusNewburgh, Orange351815New York
MariaNewburgh, Orange31847New York
AnnaNewburgh, Orange21848New York
{Family 471}
GettyNewburgh, Orange591791New York90
{Family 472}
JaneNewburgh, Orange351815England68b
{Family 473}
Robert TNewburgh, Orange401810New York69
MaryNewburgh, Orange301820England
AnnaNewburgh, Orange91841New York
JosephineNewburgh, Orange71843New York
RobertNewburgh, Orange51845New York
JaneNewburgh, Orange171833New York
MaryNewburgh, Orange171833New York
EllenNewburgh, Orange151835New York
MariaNewburgh, Orange131837New York
{Family 474}
ThomasNewburgh, Orange361814England41
MaryNewburgh, Orange301820New York
{Family 475}
Daniel FWallkill, Orange471803New York86b
DollyWallkill, Orange471803New York
Daniel JWallkill, Orange181832New York
Harriet JWallkill, Orange151834New York
Ann AWallkill, Orange111839New York
George EWallkill, Orange81842New York
Merrill (Merritt)Wallkill, Orange51845New York
{Family 476}
JonsonWallkill, Orange181832New York100b
{Family 477}
MaryWallkill, Orange511799New York63b
{Family 478}
John RWarwick, Orange421808New York47
Hangh (Hanah)Warwick, Orange371813New York
Wm HWarwick, Orange191831New York
Sarah JWarwick, Orange181832New York
SyloeshWarwick, Orange171833New York
Mery EWarwick, Orange151835New York
JasonWarwick, Orange141836New York
AlonzoWarwick, Orange121838New York
John FWarwick, Orange101840New York
AcanisWarwick, Orange81842New York
Stephe (Stephen) WWarwick, Orange61844New York
David CWarwick, Orange41846New York
Gellert H (Gilbert?)Warwick, Orange21848New York
{Family 479}
Wm HWarwick, Orange191831New York46
{Family 480}
GideonWawayanda, Orange651785New York237
HannahWawayanda, Orange631787New York
Horatio NWawayanda, Orange261824New York
{Family 481}
Sarah AnnWawayanda, Orange231827New York222
{Family 482}
UsherWawayanda, Orange661784New York243
Francis EWawayanda, Orange341816New York
John BWawayanda, Orange91841New York
{Family 483}
StephenBarre, Orleans791771New Jersey73
{Family 484}
WatsonRidgeway, Orleans481802Massachusetts213b
MariaRidgeway, Orleans371813New York
{Family 485}
GeorgeShelby, Orleans461804Mississippi249b
MariahShelby, Orleans401810New York
FranklinShelby, Orleans181832New York
MaryShelby, Orleans161834New York
{Family 486}
EstherFulton, Oswego441806Vermont298b
{Family 487}
Harriet (CHASE?)Fulton, Oswego221828New York300
{Family 488}
JonathanFulton, Oswego551795New York299b
BetseyFulton, Oswego531797New York
George MFulton, Oswego221828New York
Henry JFulton, Oswego201830New York
{Family 489}
SarahFulton, Oswego291821New York315b
JonathanFulton, Oswego41846New York
{Family 490}
RansfordHannibal, Oswego401810New York70b
CalistaHannibal, Oswego381812New York
OscarHannibal, Oswego91841New York
SamuelHannibal, Oswego71843New York
WmHannibal, Oswego51845New York
MaryHannibal, Oswego11849New York

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