CASE Families living in New York in 1850.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 432}
CunninghamManchester, Ontario261824New York334
MaryManchester, Ontario271823New York
CatharinManchester, Ontario151835New York
{Family 433}
LeviManchester, Ontario211829New York327
{Family 434}
CalebPhelps, Ontario761774New Jersey408
CathinnPhelps, Ontario701780New York
Ann EPhelps, Ontario371813New York
RobertPhelps, Ontario331817New York
Mary APhelps, Ontario351815New York
Mary EPhelps, Ontario81842New York
Edwin HPhelps, Ontario61844New York
James WPhelps, Ontario51845New York
GeorgePhelps, Ontario31847New York
Warren DPhelps, Ontario11849New York
{Family 435}
CharlesPhelps, Ontario131837New York376
{Family 436}
DanielPhelps, Ontario251825New York400b
ElizaPhelps, Ontario261824New York
Julia CPhelps, Ontario11849New York
{Family 437}
EbenezerPhelps, Ontario311819New York396
RachaelPhelps, Ontario331817England
OscarPhelps, Ontario11849New York
{Family 438}
EllenPhelps, Ontario231827New York406
{Family 439}
EnosPhelps, Ontario701780New Jersey397b
SarahPhelps, Ontario681782New Jersey
AlfredPhelps, Ontario141836New York
{Family 440}
Enos JrPhelps, Ontario271823New York370b
Parmenia MPhelps, Ontario251825New York
George HPhelps, Ontario11849New York
John Jones (Case??)Phelps, Ontario191831New York
{Family 441}
George HPhelps, Ontario451805New York374
Elija (Eliza)Phelps, Ontario441806New York
HiramPhelps, Ontario201830New York
JamesPhelps, Ontario101840New York
OlivePhelps, Ontario61844New York
GeorgePhelps, Ontario51845New York
MaryPhelps, Ontario21848New York
{Family 442}
IsaacPhelps, Ontario281822New York400b
Hellen EPhelps, Ontario251825Vermont
Sarah EPhelps, Ontario21848Illinois
Martha CPhelps, Ontario4/121850New York
{Family 443}
JohnPhelps, Ontario171833Connecticut405
{Family 444}
MariaPhelps, Ontario301820Ireland373
{Family 445}
NormanPhelps, Ontario601790Connecticut426
AnnPhelps, Ontario581792Pennsylvania
RussellPhelps, Ontario391811New York
HarrisonPhelps, Ontario271823New York
HudsonPhelps, Ontario251825New York
{Family 446}
RalseyPhelps, Ontario521798Connecticut417
SusanPhelps, Ontario461804Pennsylvania
JosephusPhelps, Ontario141836New York
JohnPhelps, Ontario121838New York
AbrahamPhelps, Ontario81842New York
Sarah APhelps, Ontario61844New York
JasperPhelps, Ontario31847New York
{Family 447}
WilliamPhelps, Ontario371813New York397b
LydiaPhelps, Ontario351815England
RachaelPhelps, Ontario141836New York
Mary FPhelps, Ontario111839New York
TheadorePhelps, Ontario81842New York
Willbe (Willber)Phelps, Ontario11849New York
{Family 448}
AbramSeneca, Ontario431807New York514
ElizaSeneca, Ontario401810New York
{Family 449}
ReesSeneca, Ontario301820New York438
DelightSeneca, Ontario221828New York
Gilbert WSeneca, Ontario11/121849New York
Horrard (Howard)Seneca, Ontario251825New York
{Family 450}
SarahSeneca, Ontario441806New York494
Catharne (Catharin)Seneca, Ontario241826New York
HenrySeneca, Ontario211829New York
Mary JSeneca, Ontario71843New York
{Family 451}
ScottSouth Bristol, Ontario281822New York59b
Lucretia ASouth Bristol, Ontario231827New York
{Family 452}
Sebra LWest Bloomfield, Ontario391811New York101b
Cornelia MWest Bloomfield, Ontario331817New York
D WarrenWest Bloomfield, Ontario111839New York
Helen MWest Bloomfield, Ontario91841New York
SchylerWest Bloomfield, Ontario81842New York
Celestia MWest Bloomfield, Ontario61844New York
Ogden LWest Bloomfield, Ontario21848New York
Ralph AWest Bloomfield, Ontario8/121850New York
FrancisWest Bloomfield, Ontario261824Rhode Island
{Family 453}
WilliamCrawford, Orange651785New York140b
JaneCrawford, Orange541796New York
ElizabethCrawford, Orange331817New York
Mary ACrawford, Orange231827New York
{Family 454}
AdaDeerpart, Orange311819New York290
Charle (Charles)Deerpart, Orange301820New York
{Family 455}
GeorgeDeerpart, Orange441806New York276
CynthiaDeerpart, Orange431807New York
LewisDeerpart, Orange131837New York
JohnDeerpart, Orange111839New York
Adda ADeerpart, Orange41846New York
AlexanderDeerpart, Orange4/121850New York
{Family 456}
HenryDeerpart, Orange271823New York291
ElizabethDeerpart, Orange241826New York
GideonDeerpart, Orange51845New York
MaryDeerpart, Orange31847New York
{Family 457}
JacobDeerpart, Orange421808New York290b
MaryDeerpart, Orange441806New York
Mary EDeerpart, Orange4/121850New York
ElishaDeerpart, Orange151835New York
{Family 458}
John DDeerpart, Orange311819New York290b
SenaDeerpart, Orange231827New York
CatharineDeerpart, Orange41846New York
John FDeerpart, Orange21848New York
William CDeerpart, Orange3/121850New York

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