CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 403-b}
Parley (Parsey)Syracuse Ward 2, Onondaga191831New York114
{Family 404}
DannieSyracuse Ward 3, Onondaga281822New York164
JamesSyracuse Ward 3, Onondaga271823New York
Mary JSyracuse Ward 3, Onondaga11849New York
{Family 405}
CatherineSyracuse Ward 4, Onondaga221828New York208b
{Family 406}
Billings TBristol, Ontario351815New York36b
ChristianaBristol, Ontario301820New York
MelvinaBristol, Ontario111839New York
Sophrona CBristol, Ontario81842New York
{Family 407}
Eley ABristol, Ontario501800Massachusetts37
Wasula (Ursula)Bristol, Ontario231827New York
BillingsBristol, Ontario191831New York
{Family 408}
ElizabethBristol, Ontario811769Massachusetts34
{Family 409}
IsaiahBristol, Ontario571793Massachusetts47
RachaelBristol, Ontario501800Connecticut
JeromeBristol, Ontario211829New York
AndrewBristol, Ontario191831New York
IsaiahBristol, Ontario171833New York
NancyBristol, Ontario151835New York
LouisaBristol, Ontario131837New York
CarolineBristol, Ontario111839New York
{Family 410}
JonathanBristol, Ontario261824New York47b
JaneBristol, Ontario251825New York
{Family 411}
Johnathan JBristol, Ontario761774Massachusetts43b
LucyBristol, Ontario731777Massachusetts
{Family 412}
JuliaBristol, Ontario431807Connecticut46
JonasBristol, Ontario211829New York
LoranaBristol, Ontario171833New York
WmBristol, Ontario161834New York
EdwardBristol, Ontario121838New York
AlmiraBristol, Ontario71843New York
JeromeBristol, Ontario41846New York
FrancesBristol, Ontario11849New York
{Family 413}
L VolneyBristol, Ontario281822New York32b
AnnBristol, Ontario501800New York
{Family 414}
LauraBristol, Ontario141836New York41
DanielBristol, Ontario131837New York
{Family 415}
Martin LBristol, Ontario391811New York33
ElizaBristol, Ontario401810New York
Mary EBristol, Ontario151835New York
Sarah JBristol, Ontario101837New York
Olive MBristol, Ontario121838New York
James MBristol, Ontario101840New York
{Family 416}
NoadiahBristol, Ontario261824New York33
CarolineBristol, Ontario271823New York
Adelpha DBristol, Ontario51845New York33
John WBristol, Ontario31847New York
HannahBristol, Ontario671783New York
{Family 417}
OliverBristol, Ontario411809New York50
Judith ABristol, Ontario331817New York
FelixBristol, Ontario71843New York
Abram GBristol, Ontario61844New York
ArthurBristol, Ontario11849New York
{Family 418}
OrestesBristol, Ontario331817New York43b
LucretiaBristol, Ontario281822New York
LovicaBristol, Ontario61844New York
HerbertBristol, Ontario11849New York
{Family 419}
Seymour WBristol, Ontario371813New York48b
CarolineBristol, Ontario311819New York
LouisaBristol, Ontario111839New York49
SidneyBristol, Ontario91841New York
MarkBristol, Ontario81842New York
AlvaroBristol, Ontario61844New York
HoraceBristol, Ontario41846New York
GeoBristol, Ontario21848New York
{Family 420}
StephenBristol, Ontario371813New York43
MaryBristol, Ontario211829New York
{Family 421}
WmBristol, Ontario521798Massachusetts41b
ElizaBristol, Ontario481802New York
MartinBristol, Ontario181832New York
EdgarBristol, Ontario91841New York
{Family 422}
ElnathanCanandaigua, Ontario781772New York203
MargaretCanandaigua, Ontario631787Ireland
{Family 423}
FrederickCanandaigua, Ontario181832New York188b
{Family 424}
RufusCanandaigua, Ontario371813New York214b
Laura DCanandaigua, Ontario351815New York
Lucy ACanandaigua, Ontario131837New York
John HCanandaigua, Ontario111839New York215
Hiram HCanandaigua, Ontario91841New York
Elizabeth CCanandaigua, Ontario71843New York
Lydia LCanandaigua, Ontario51845New York
Polly MCanandaigua, Ontario31847New York
Alice ACanandaigua, Ontario10/121849New York215
{Family 425}
WilliamCanandaigua, Ontario461804New York152
MerabCanandaigua, Ontario401810New York
MargaretCanandaigua, Ontario181832New York
Alfred BCanandaigua, Ontario161834New York152b
Edgar WCanandaigua, Ontario141836New York
{Family 426}
JesseEast Bloomfield, Ontario771773Rhode Island122
TabiathaEast Bloomfield, Ontario681782Rhode Island
PhebeEast Bloomfield, Ontario301820Rhode Island
HannahEast Bloomfield, Ontario261824Rhode Island
{Family 427}
SolomanEast Bloomfield, Ontario401810Pennsylvania135b
EmelineEast Bloomfield, Ontario341816New York
MaryEast Bloomfield, Ontario121838New York
LoisaEast Bloomfield, Ontario101840New York
WashingtonEast Bloomfield, Ontario11849New York
{Family 428}
James WHopewell, Ontario361814New York227b
LaviahHopewell, Ontario301820New York
David FHopewell, Ontario71843New York
Eliza FHopewell, Ontario31847New York
{Family 429}
JoelHopewell, Ontario201830Indiana233
{Family 430}
RichmondHopewell, Ontario481802New York223b
LydiaHopewell, Ontario421808New York
LucretiaHopewell, Ontario231827New York
HenryHopewell, Ontario221828New York
MariaHopewell, Ontario191831New York
MariusHopewell, Ontario131837New York
LoviniaHopewell, Ontario111839New York
MortonHopewell, Ontario91841New York
HomerHopewell, Ontario81842New York
EdsonHopewell, Ontario51845New York
WyonHopewell, Ontario151835New York
{Family 431}
SallyHopewell, Ontario271823New York241b
Ann EHopewell, Ontario21848New York

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