CASE Families living in New York in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 371}
Warren WGeddes, Onondaga601790Connecticut488b
SusanGeddes, Onondaga591791New Jersey
HenryGeddes, Onondaga271823New York
{Family 372}
BirdsyeLafayette, Onondaga391811New York210b
MaryLafayette, Onondaga411809New York
MarthaLafayette, Onondaga111839New York
NorrisLafayette, Onondaga91841New York
GeorgeLafayette, Onondaga11849New York
{Family 373}
Harmiball A (Hanniball)Lafayette, Onondaga421808New York217
DinahLafayette, Onondaga331817New York
AngelineLafayette, Onondaga131837New York
WesleyLafayette, Onondaga101840New York
MorrisLafayette, Onondaga51845New York
PlonaLafayette, Onondaga31847New York
{Family 374}
GeorgeMarcellus, Onondaga161834New York339
SarahMarcellus, Onondaga201830New York
{Family 375}
Henry JrLysander, Onondaga381812New York472
{Family 376}
HiramMarcellus, Onondaga251825New York333b
AlmiraMarcellus, Onondaga211829New York
{Family 377}
JohnMarcellus, Onondaga371813New York352b
LucyMarcellus, Onondaga341816New York
RussellMarcellus, Onondaga131837New York
EliasMarcellus, Onondaga111839New York
MynnMarcellus, Onondaga91841New York
AngelineMarcellus, Onondaga71843New York
AdeladeMarcellus, Onondaga51845New York
FrancisMarcellus, Onondaga31847New York
SusanMarcellus, Onondaga11849New York
{Family 378}
LewisMarcellus, Onondaga351815New York333b
JaneMarcellus, Onondaga251825New York
AlbertMarcellus, Onondaga61844New York
AustinMarcellus, Onondaga31847New York
Emma LMarcellus, Onondaga11849New York
{Family 379}
LucretiaMarcellus, Onondaga451805New York333
WilliamMarcellus, Onondaga231827New York
ChesterMarcellus, Onondaga211829New York
Sarah AMarcellus, Onondaga191831New York
Nancy JMarcellus, Onondaga171833New York
GeorgeMarcellus, Onondaga161834New York
{Family 380}
B Humphrey (Carr)Marcellus, Onondaga521798New York330
Elisheta (Carr)Marcellus, Onondaga521798New York
Paul PMarcellus, Onondaga191831New York330b
{Family 381}
ReubenMarcellus, Onondaga281822New York352b
ClarissaMarcellus, Onondaga271823New York
Eliza JMarcellus, Onondaga81842New York
Hannah MMarcellus, Onondaga61844New York
Sarah AMarcellus, Onondaga41846New York
Charles SMarcellus, Onondaga21848New York
Margaret DMarcellus, Onondaga7/121850New York
{Family 382}
SusanMarcellus, Onondaga291821New York333
JosephineMarcellus, Onondaga71843New York333b
AdeliaMarcellus, Onondaga61844New York
WillardMarcellus, Onondaga41846New York
Oscar DMarcellus, Onondaga31847New York
Stephen LMarcellus, Onondaga21848New York
{Family 383}
AmeriahOnondaga, Onondaga821768Connecticut280
BetseyOnondaga, Onondaga731777Connecticut
{Family 384}
DianaOnondaga, Onondaga351815New York313
CordeliaOnondaga, Onondaga191831New York313b
{Family 385}
GilesOnondaga, Onondaga651785Connecticut267
(mis-typed - Caselli)
Onondaga, Onondaga291821New York
Caroline(Caselli)Onondaga, Onondaga261824New York
Amanda(Caselli)Onondaga, Onondaga221828New York
Eliza(Caselli)Onondaga, Onondaga201830New York
Alice(Caselli)Onondaga, Onondaga141836New York
Seth(Caselli)Onondaga, Onondaga241826New York
{Family 386}
HolmesOnondaga, Onondaga511799Connecticut280
LauraOnondaga, Onondaga471803Connecticut
{Family 387}
JaneOnondaga, Onondaga171833New York263b
{Family 388}
MilesOnondaga, Onondaga541796Connecticut284
BetseyOnondaga, Onondaga481802Connecticut
{Family 389}
RebeccaOnondaga, Onondaga631787Massachusetts268b
Adeline SOnondaga, Onondaga251825New York
Sarah AOnondaga, Onondaga221828New York
Mary AOnondaga, Onondaga191831New York
{Family 390}
RussellOnondaga, Onondaga601790Connecticut321b
CatharineOnondaga, Onondaga601790New York
LeonardOnondaga, Onondaga341816New York
{Family 391}
WilliamOnondaga, Onondaga301820England266
{Family 392}
AlexanderOtisco, Onondaga591791New York187
ClarrissaOtisco, Onondaga541796New York
{Family 393}
EliasOtisco, Onondaga341816New York187
IrisOtisco, Onondaga341816New York
Mary AOtisco, Onondaga121838New York
Myron EOtisco, Onondaga71843New York
Balton (Dalton)Otisco, Onondaga51845New York
Mervin (???)Otisco, Onondaga221828New York
{Family 394}
John COtisco, Onondaga311819New York187b
MaryOtisco, Onondaga291821New York
ElizabethOtisco, Onondaga91841New York
Hersel HOtisco, Onondaga31847New York
{Family 395}
PeresOtisco, Onondaga551795New York187b
MaryOtisco, Onondaga531797New York
HarriettOtisco, Onondaga201830New York
SarahOtisco, Onondaga181832New York
MaryOtisco, Onondaga111839New York
{Family 396}
HomerPompey, Onondaga271823New York113b
{Family 397}
HoreaSalina, Onondaga351815New York283b
Nancy MSalina, Onondaga361814New York
AnnSalina, Onondaga601790New York
{Family 398}
AarenSpafford, Onanadaga441806New York
MariaSpafford, Onanadaga351815New York
MilesSpafford, Onanadaga131837New York
SimeonSpafford, Onanadaga71843New York
AnnSpafford, Onanadaga41846New York
{Family 399}
AaronSpafford, Onondaga281822New York414
RebeccaSpafford, Onondaga261824New York
EllenSpafford, Onondaga31847New York
CarolineSpafford, Onondaga11849New York
{Family 400}
IsaacSpafford, Onondaga321838New York414
MarySpafford, Onondaga341836New York
ArvillaSpafford, Onondaga191831New York
{Family 401}
KellySpafford, Onondaga731777Connecticut417
MableSpafford, Onondaga561794Connecticut
JohnSpafford, Onondaga311819New York
SophroniaSpafford, Onondaga161824New York
{Family 402}
ReubenSpafford, Onondaga441806Connecticut417
PollySpafford, Onondaga421808Connecticut
MarySpafford, Onondaga141808New York
IsaacSpafford, Onondaga121838New York
MarthaSpafford, Onondaga81842New York
LovisaSpafford, Onondaga51845New York
{Family 403-a}
WilliamSpafford, Onondaga361814New York417
ChloeSpafford, Onondaga281822New York
HarrietSpafford, Onondaga21848New York

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