CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 122}
PeterBridgewater, Somerset391811New Jersey286b
Mary AnnBridgewater, Somerset311819New Jersey
Cathrine VBridgewater, Somerset141836New Jersey
ElisabethBridgewater, Somerset111839New Jersey
John HenryBridgewater, Somerset61844New Jersey
PhilipBridgewater, Somerset11849New Jersey
ElisabethBridgewater, Somerset541796New Jersey
{Family 123}
SarahBridgewater, Somerset401810New Jersey285b
{Family 124}
JacobHillsborough, Somerset331817New Jersey429b
AmyHillsborough, Somerset351815New Jersey
Ellen AnnHillsborough, Somerset81842New Jersey
PeterHillsborough, Somerset61844New Jersey
Catherine JaneHillsborough, Somerset41846New Jersey
MariaHillsborough, Somerset6/121850New Jersey
{Family 125}
SusanHillsborough, Somerset241826New Jersey412
John RHillsborough, Somerset81842New Jersey
{Family 126}
EzekielMontgomery, Somerset531797New Jersey378
JaneMontgomery, Somerset411809New Jersey
PeterMontgomery, Somerset191831New Jersey
Jane CMontgomery, Somerset161834New Jersey
{Family 127}
JacobMontgomery, Somerset601790New Jersey390
CatharineMontgomery, Somerset601790New Jersey
{Family 128}
ChrisleenByram, Sussex321818New Jersey232
{Family 129}
Blodwin J (Blodenia)Frankford, Sussex181832New Jersey248b
{Family 130}
Daniel PLafayette, Sussex611789New Jersey98b
EffeyLafayette, Sussex511799New Jersey
William RLafayette, Sussex241826New Jersey
Edward WLafayette, Sussex221828New Jersey
Hannah ALafayette, Sussex231827New Jersey
Harriet OLafayette, Sussex41846New Jersey
Ann ELafayette, Sussex31847New Jersey
SarahLafayette, Sussex571793New Jersey99
{Family 131}
William SLafayette, Sussex431803New Jersey97
AnnaLafayette, Sussex431807New Jersey
EdwardLafayette, Sussex141836New Jersey
Frnklin (Franklin)Lafayette, Sussex71843New Jersey
SarahLafayette, Sussex51845New Jersey
WilliamLafayette, Sussex21848New Jersey
AnnaLafayette, Sussex101840New Jersey
{Family 132}
Benjamin SNewton, Sussex351815New Jersey117
MaryNewton, Sussex361814New Jersey
MaryNewton, Sussex131837New Jersey
EleanorNewton, Sussex71843New Jersey
{Family 133}
Daniel HNewton, Sussex431807New Jersey117b
ElizabethNewton, Sussex391811New Jersey
JohnNewton, Sussex181832New Jersey
MaryNewton, Sussex161834New Jersey
JamesNewton, Sussex151835New Jersey
JaneNewton, Sussex121838New Jersey
CatharineNewton, Sussex101840New Jersey
GeorgeNewton, Sussex91841New Jersey
PhebeNewton, Sussex81842New Jersey
WalterNewton, Sussex61844New Jersey
EmmaNewton, Sussex41846New Jersey
DanielNewton, Sussex11849New Jersey
{Family 134}
ElizabethNewton, Sussex651785New Jersey139b
{Family 135}
JohnNewton, Sussex691781New Jersey118b
NancyNewton, Sussex661784New Jersey
NancyNewton, Sussex131837New Jersey
{Family 136}
John ONewton, Sussex341816New Jersey118b
JaneNewton, Sussex331817New Jersey
JamesNewton, Sussex61844New Jersey
MaryNewton, Sussex41846New Jersey
WinfieldNewton, Sussex21848New Jersey
EllenNewton, Sussex11849New Jersey118b
{Family 137}
Joseph HNewton, Sussex251825New Jersey117
ClarissaNewton, Sussex221828New Jersey
{Family 138}
MargaretNewton, Sussex241826New Jersey114b
AnnNewton, Sussex31847New Jersey
{Family 139}
MosesNewton, Sussex641786New Jersey106b
EffeyNewton, Sussex641786New Jersey
PhebeNewton, Sussex211829New Jersey
{Family 140}
PeterNewton, Sussex611789New Jersey116b
MaryNewton, Sussex581792New Jersey
RebeccaNewton, Sussex151835New Jersey
MaryNewton, Sussex191831New Jersey
SarahNewton, Sussex311819New Jersey
{Family 141}
Peter MNewton, Sussex491801New Jersey116b
{Family 142}
George RSparta, Sussex461804New Jersey168b
JaneSparta, Sussex421808New Jersey
Obadiah PSparta, Sussex201830New Jersey
William JSparta, Sussex141836New Jersey
Richard WSparta, Sussex121838New Jersey
Ann ESparta, Sussex81842New Jersey
{Family 143}
CalvinSparta, Sussex171833New Jersey175
{Family 144}
James BSparta, Sussex391811New Jersey175
ElizabethSparta, Sussex361814New Jersey
Sarah MSparta, Sussex171833New Jersey
Emily ASparta, Sussex41846New Jersey
{Family 145}
BenjaminWantage, Sussex391811New Jersey206
RosettaWantage, Sussex341816New Jersey
Mary EWantage, Sussex141836New Jersey
Harriet LWantage, Sussex111839New Jersey
James HWantage, Sussex71843New Jersey
Charlotte AWantage, Sussex51845New Jersey
Charles BWantage, Sussex11849New Jersey
{Family 146}
John BWantage, Sussex351815New York206
John B JrWantage, Sussex81842New Jersey
StephenWantage, Sussex51845New York
{Family 147}
LydiaWantage, Sussex181832New Jersey210
{Family 148}
StephenWantage, Sussex311819New York185b
Phebe JWantage, Sussex261824New York
John EWantage, Sussex51845New Jersey
JoshuaWantage, Sussex31847New Jersey
MeadWantage, Sussex11849New Jersey
{Family 149}
IsaacHope, Warren451805New Jersey424
{Family 150}
ThomasHope, Warren311819New Jersey428b
SarahHope, Warren211819New Jersey
MahlonHope, Warren41846New Jersey
{Family 151}
ElizabethFrelinghuysen, Warren301820Germany478
Sarah MFrelinghuysen, Warren41846Germany
Caroline AFrelinghuysen, Warren21848Germany
{Family 152}
JamesFrelinghuysen, Warren331817New Jersey480
MargaretFrelinghuysen, Warren331817New Jersey
JosephFrelinghuysen, Warren71843New Jersey
WmFrelinghuysen, Warren51845New Jersey
John BFrelinghuysen, Warren21848New Jersey
{Family 153}
JohnFrelinghuysen, Warren371813New Jersey487b
ElizabethFrelinghuysen, Warren401810New Jersey
JacobFrelinghuysen, Warren101840New Jersey
JonahFrelinghuysen, Warren61844New Jersey
TheodoreFrelinghuysen, Warren41846New Jersey
StewartFrelinghuysen, Warren11849New Jersey

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