CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 62}
AlaxanderLambertville, Hunterdon211829Pennsylvania40b
{Family 63}
James MLambertville, Hunterdon371813New Jersey31
Mary CLambertville, Hunterdon331817New Jersey
HenerettaLambertville, Hunterdon101840New Jersey
Mary MLambertville, Hunterdon91841New Jersey
JohnLambertville, Hunterdon61844New Jersey
CorneliaLambertville, Hunterdon41846New Jersey
Samuel LLambertville, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 64}
AbigalRaritan, Hunterdon581792New Jersey50
{Family 65}
AnnRaritan, Hunterdon801770New Jersey54b
{Family 66}
AnnRaritan, Hunterdon771773New Jersey59b
{Family 67}
Anthony LRaritan, Hunterdon521798New Jersey68
ClarindaRaritan, Hunterdon461804New Jersey
Marton N C (Morton)Raritan, Hunterdon221828New Jersey
{Family 68}
ArchableRaritan, Hunterdon411809New Jersey58b
{Family 69}
Ara (Asa)Raritan, Hunterdon291821New Jersey57b
Elizabeth ARaritan, Hunterdon201830New Jersey
Mary EllenRaritan, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 70}
DavidRaritan, Hunterdon391811New Jersey55b
Susan ERaritan, Hunterdon401810New Jersey
JohnRaritan, Hunterdon101840New Jersey
JosephRaritan, Hunterdon91841New Jersey
JonathanRaritan, Hunterdon61844New Jersey
SusannaRaritan, Hunterdon21848New Jersey
{Family 71}
ElizabethRaritan, Hunterdon151835New Jersey59
{Family 72}
EmanuelRaritan, Hunterdon71843New Jersey59
AlexanderRaritan, Hunterdon2/121850New Jersey
{Family 73}
FurrisRaritan, Hunterdon521798New Jersey59b
CatherineRaritan, Hunterdon341816New Jersey
EphramRaritan, Hunterdon141836New Jersey
JohnRaritan, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 74}
JacobRaritan, Hunterdon281822New Jersey54
MargaretRaritan, Hunterdon221828New Jersey
Cormdia (Corindice)Raritan, Hunterdon8/121849New Jersey
{Family 75}
JessaRaritan, Hunterdon211829New Jersey80
{Family 76}
JohnRaritan, Hunterdon571793New Jersey60
Catherine PRaritan, Hunterdon541796Pennsylvania
DanielRaritan, Hunterdon161834New Jersey
JosephRaritan, Hunterdon121838Pennsylvania
CatherineRaritan, Hunterdon91841Pennsylvania
{Family 77}
John ERaritan, Hunterdon441806New Jersey58b
EllenRaritan, Hunterdon81842New Jersey
AlexanderRaritan, Hunterdon41846New Jersey
LeviRaritan, Hunterdon11/121849New Jersey
{Family 78}
JonathanRaritan, Hunterdon451805New Jersey55b
RebecaRaritan, Hunterdon441806New Jersey
SusannaRaritan, Hunterdon191831New Jersey
James WRaritan, Hunterdon181832New Jersey
WilliamRaritan, Hunterdon141836New Jersey
RachelRaritan, Hunterdon761774New Jersey
{Family 79}
JosephRaritan, Hunterdon251825New Jersey53
{Family 80}
JosephRaritan, Hunterdon621788New Jersey70b
Retierah (Keturah)Raritan, Hunterdon511799New Jersey
Mary ERaritan, Hunterdon241826New Jersey
PhillipRaritan, Hunterdon171833New Jersey
JohnRaritan, Hunterdon111839New Jersey
ElizabethRaritan, Hunterdon101840New Jersey70b
{Family 81}
MahlonRaritan, Hunterdon611789New Jersey60
{Family 82}
Mary ERaritan, Hunterdon181832New Jersey70
{Family 83}
MathiasRaritan, Hunterdon571793New Jersey59
AmaRaritan, Hunterdon531797New Jersey
MahlonRaritan, Hunterdon201830New Jersey
MaryRaritan, Hunterdon161834New Jersey
LeviRaritan, Hunterdon121838New Jersey
{Family 84}
Nathan PRaritan, Hunterdon251825New Jersey59b
ElizabethRaritan, Hunterdon241826New Jersey
{Family 85}
Peter HRaritan, Hunterdon841766New Jersey57b
SarahRaritan, Hunterdon821768New Jersey
CristeenRaritan, Hunterdon301820New Jersey
{Family 86}
Peter JRaritan, Hunterdon581792New Jersey53b
SarahRaritan, Hunterdon561794New Jersey
John SRaritan, Hunterdon131837New Jersey
{Family 87}
Phillip HRaritan, Hunterdon741776New Jersey59b
MaryRaritan, Hunterdon691781New Jersey
{Family 88}
Samuel FRaritan, Hunterdon291821New Jersey59b
MoriahRaritan, Hunterdon291821New Jersey
John PRaritan, Hunterdon61844New Jersey
Hiram MRaritan, Hunterdon51845New Jersey
Aaron GRaritan, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 89}
Samuel HRaritan, Hunterdon531797New Jersey59
JaneRaritan, Hunterdon481802New Jersey
GeorgeRaritan, Hunterdon181832New Jersey
SarahRaritan, Hunterdon151835New Jersey
SamuelRaritan, Hunterdon81842New Jersey
JosephRaritan, Hunterdon31847New Jersey
EllenRaritan, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 90}
Tunis HRaritan, Hunterdon861764New Jersey55b
{Family 91}
WilliamRaritan, Hunterdon211829New Jersey69

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