CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1850.
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NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 32}
ChristopherE & W Amwell, Hunterdon371813New Jersey2
CordeliaE & W Amwell, Hunterdon301820New Jersey
Ann RE & W Amwell, Hunterdon51845New Jersey
{Family 33}
GeorgeE & W Amwell, Hunterdon141836New Jersey30
HughE & W Amwell, Hunterdon181832New Jersey
{Family 34}
John LE & W Amwell, Hunterdon441806New Jersey25
Ellen JE & W Amwell, Hunterdon341816New Jersey
CatharineE & W Amwell, Hunterdon141826New Jersey
Margaret (Margarett)E & W Amwell, Hunterdon121838New Jersey
AnthonyE & W Amwell, Hunterdon101840New Jersey
HenryE & W Amwell, Hunterdon81842New Jersey
AnnaE & W Amwell, Hunterdon61844New Jersey
CharityE & W Amwell, Hunterdon21848New Jersey
{Family 35}
Lewis CE & W Amwell, Hunterdon261824New Jersey22
ElizabethE & W Amwell, Hunterdon241826New Jersey
Ann AE & W Amwell, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 36}
MahlonE & W Amwell, Hunterdon451805New Jersey16b
{Family 37}
DanielBethlehem, Hunterdon81842New Jersey217b
{Family 38}
GeorgeBethlehem, Hunterdon581792New Jersey207
MaryBethlehem, Hunterdon571793New Jersey
WilliamBethlehem, Hunterdon291821New Jersey
MaryBethlehem, Hunterdon271823New Jersey
FannyBethlehem, Hunterdon241826New Jersey207b
CarolineBethlehem, Hunterdon221828New Jersey
CatharineBethlehem, Hunterdon211829New Jersey
TrimmerBethlehem, Hunterdon151835New Jersey
{Family 39}
GodfreyBethlehem, Hunterdon441806New Jersey226b
ElizaBethlehem, Hunterdon381812New Jersey
PeterBethlehem, Hunterdon121838New Jersey
JosephBethlehem, Hunterdon51845New Jersey
{Family 40}
IsabellBethlehem, Hunterdon501800New Jersey220
ElizabethBethlehem, Hunterdon501800New Jersey
CatharineBethlehem, Hunterdon201830New Jersey
{Family 41}
John HBethlehem, Hunterdon431807New Jersey217b
ElizabethBethlehem, Hunterdon391811New Jersey
Sarah SBethlehem, Hunterdon141836New Jersey
PhebeBethlehem, Hunterdon161834New Jersey
IsaacBethlehem, Hunterdon141836New Jersey
Catharine MBethlehem, Hunterdon111839New Jersey
MathewBethlehem, Hunterdon51845New Jersey
ElizabetBethlehem, Hunterdon31847New Jersey
{Family 42}
MathiasBethlehem, Hunterdon541796New Jersey215b
SarahBethlehem, Hunterdon531797New Jersey
AlexanderBethlehem, Hunterdon301820New Jersey
MathiasBethlehem, Hunterdon231827New Jersey
StephanBethlehem, Hunterdon201830New Jersey
ClarksonBethlehem, Hunterdon171833New Jersey
HiramBethlehem, Hunterdon141836New Jersey
William RBethlehem, Hunterdon91841New Jersey
{Family 43}
Mary JBethlehem, Hunterdon91841New Jersey215b
{Family 44}
PeterBethlehem, Hunterdon601790New Jersey225b
RachelBethlehem, Hunterdon521798New Jersey
MaryBethlehem, Hunterdon241826New Jersey
JohnBethlehem, Hunterdon181832New Jersey
HannahBethlehem, Hunterdon151835New Jersey
PeterBethlehem, Hunterdon111839New Jersey
{Family 45}
WilliamBethlehem, Hunterdon371813New Jersey226b
CharlotteBethlehem, Hunterdon191831New Jersey
Mary EBethlehem, Hunterdon1/121850New Jersey
{Family 46}
PeterClinton, Hunterdon541796New Jersey337
MaryClinton, Hunterdon521798New Jersey
SusanClinton, Hunterdon181832New Jersey
Sarah AClinton, Hunterdon161834New Jersey
ElishaClinton, Hunterdon141836New Jersey
AbaClinton, Hunterdon111839New Jersey
CharlesClinton, Hunterdon91841New Jersey
{Family 47}
AbbyDelaware, Hunterdon141836?111
{Family 48}
Cath'e (Catherine)Delaware, Hunterdon271823New Jersey114b
{Family 49}
ElizabethDelaware, Hunterdon241826New Jersey109
{Family 50}
Joseph BDelaware, Hunterdon391811New Jersey118b
AnnDelaware, Hunterdon381812New Jersey
Annas (Amos)Delaware, Hunterdon51845New Jersey119
JacobDelaware, Hunterdon631787New Jersey
{Family 51}
Oliver BDelaware, Hunterdon201830New Jersey107
{Family 52}
Peter JDelaware, Hunterdon481802New Jersey116
SarahDelaware, Hunterdon451805New Jersey
RebeccaDelaware, Hunterdon61844New Jersey
CythiaDelaware, Hunterdon31847New Jersey
EdwardDelaware, Hunterdon101840New Jersey
AmyDelaware, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 53}
ChristopherFranklin, Hunterdon521798New Jersey85
NancyFranklin, Hunterdon421808New Jersey
MaryFranklin, Hunterdon211829New Jersey
William JFranklin, Hunterdon201830New Jersey85b
John BFranklin, Hunterdon181832New Jersey
ElizabethFranklin, Hunterdon161834New Jersey
CharityFranklin, Hunterdon131837New Jersey
RutsenFranklin, Hunterdon91841New Jersey
WestleyFranklin, Hunterdon41846New Jersey
GeorgeFranklin, Hunterdon21848New Jersey
{Family 54}
HenryFranklin, Hunterdon281822New Jersey90
CatharineFranklin, Hunterdon261824New Jersey
{Family 55}
JohnFranklin, Hunterdon111839New Jersey99b
{Family 56}
John LFranklin, Hunterdon281822New Jersey94b
Sarah ElizabethFranklin, Hunterdon301820New Jersey
George WFranklin, Hunterdon51845New Jersey
Rebecca SFranklin, Hunterdon41846New Jersey
Franics CFranklin, Hunterdon21848New Jersey
Albert CFranklin, Hunterdon11849New Jersey
{Family 57}
NathanielFranklin, Hunterdon141836New Jersey90b
{Family 58}
WilliamFranklin, Hunterdon311819New Jersey93
Mary JFranklin, Hunterdon211829New Jersey
Clarence MFranklin, Hunterdon21848New Jersey
Thankfiel S (Thankful)Franklin, Hunterdon1/121850New Jersey
{Family 59}
AdamKingwood, Hunterdon351815New Jersey136
AmyKingwood, Hunterdon311819New Jersey
JohnKingwood, Hunterdon91841New Jersey
Elisha WKingwood, Hunterdon41846New Jersey
{Family 60}
JohnKingwood, Hunterdon351815New Jersey149b
CelendaKingwood, Hunterdon301820New Jersey
CharlesKingwood, Hunterdon51845New Jersey
{Family 61}
Daniel MKingwood, Hunterdon281822New Jersey144
LucyKingwood, Hunterdon221828New Jersey

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