CASE Families living in Indiana in 1850.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 1}
AdeliaWayne, Allen251825New York95b
W Beny (Berny)Wayne, Allen221828Pennsylvania
{Family 2}
CatharineWayne, Allen191831Connecticut131b
{Family 3}
CharlesWayne, Allen331817Ohio105b
JaneWayne, Allen281822New York
AdaWayne, Allen91841Ohio
IdaWayne, Allen71843Ohio
WillisWayne, Allen51845Ohio
Francis HWayne, Allen11849Ohio
{Family 4}
JohnUnion, Bartholomew431807Germany355b
SusanUnion, Bartholomew391811Pennsylvania
ElishaUnion, Bartholomew21848Indiana
{Family 5}
Catharine EDistrict 9, Carroll21848Indiana264b
{Family 6}
ReedDistrict 9, Carroll441806Kentucky260b
Huldah EDistrict 9, Carroll291821Indiana
JosephineDistrict 9, Carroll141836Indiana
WmDistrict 9, Carroll101840Indiana
JohnDistrict 9, Carroll101840Indiana
JamesDistrict 9, Carroll81842Indiana
Reed JrDistrict 9, Carroll61844Indiana
{Family 7}
N HEel, Cass261824New York452
{Family 8}
PeterEel, Cass311819Ireland516b
{Family 9}
T LEel, Cass221828Ireland451b
{Family 10}
CyrusJeffersonville, Clark231827Indiana185b
AbsalomJeffersonville, Clark201830Indiana
ArchibaldJeffersonville, Clark231827Indiana
{Family 11}
WilliamCharlestown, Clark261824Indiana96
RebeccaCharlestown, Clark271823Indiana
James HCharlestown, Clark41846Indiana
SarahCharlestown, Clark11849Indiana
HettyCharlestown, Clark501800Maryland
{Family 12}
SquireCass, Clay301820Indiana214
NancyCass, Clay321818Kentucky
IsabelCass, Clay61844Indiana
JohnCass, Clay21848Indiana
SarahCass, Clay1/121850Indiana
{Family 13}
SqureJackson, Clay291821Indiana277
NancyJackson, Clay361814Kentucky
JohnJackson, Clay21848Indiana
SarahJackson, Clay7/121850Indiana
{Family 14}
JospehVan Buren, Clay571793Kentucky294b
SarahVan Buren, Clay521798Kentucky
Joseph JrVan Buren, Clay171833Iowa
SarahVan Buren, Clay141836Iowa
Sevaretta (Sevarettey)Van Buren, Clay121838Iowa
WashingtonVan Buren, Clay91841Iowa
PriscillaVan Buren, Clay71843Iowa
{Family 15}
NancyHarrison, Dearborn701780New York315b
{Family 16}
George WMiller, Dearborn361814Kentucky296b
SarahMiller, Dearborn401810Indiana
Ann MMiller, Dearborn101840Indiana
Martha JMiller, Dearborn81842Indiana
Ezekiel TMiller, Dearborn61844Indiana
ClarkMiller, Dearborn31847Indiana
MargaretMiller, Dearborn4/121850Indiana
{Family 17}
HoratioMiller, Dearborn581792Maryland298
PollyMiller, Dearborn631787Virginia
Thomas JMiller, Dearborn241826Ohio
AugustusMiller, Dearborn181832Indiana
{Family 18}
JohnSparta, Dearborn451805New York449b
{Family 19}
David GJackson, Decatur431807Ohio134
SolomonJackson, Decatur201830Ohio134b
Mary JJackson, Decatur181832Ohio
Martha AJackson, Decatur121838Ohio
William MJackson, Decatur101840Indiana
HenryJackson, Decatur61844Indiana
JonasJackson, Decatur11849Indiana
{Family 20}
WilliamJackson, Decatur371813Ohio125
HannahJackson, Decatur351815New Jersey
AndersonJackson, Decatur181832Ohio
AngelineJackson, Decatur161834Ohio
ElizabethJackson, Decatur141836Ohio
HennerettaJackson, Decatur121838Ohio
MaryJackson, Decatur101840Indiana
JaneJackson, Decatur81842Indiana
Eliza HJackson, Decatur51845Indiana
CynthaJackson, Decatur21847Indiana
HarrietJackson, Decatur11849Indiana
{Family 21}
Caleb Concord, De Kalb47 1803 New York 277
SophiaConcord, De Kalb421808New York
LydiaConcord, De Kalb191831New York
MaynardConcord, De Kalb181832New York
DexterConcord, De Kalb141836New York
IsumConcord, De Kalb161834New York
EmillusConcord, De Kalb121838New York
MahlonConcord, De Kalb101840New York
HarrietConcord, De Kalb71843New York
MaryConcord, De Kalb11849Iowa
{Family 22}
JacobRichland, De Kalb381812New Jersey240
EmilyRichland, De Kalb341816Pennsylvania
EdwinRichland, De Kalb91841Ohio
EvelineRichland, De Kalb61844Ohio
{Family 23}
AchsaahBainbridge, Dubois271823Kentucky295b
GoodletBainbridge, Dubois81842Indiana
SarahBainbridge, Dubois51845Indiana
ElviraBainbridge, Dubois31847Indiana
WilliamBainbridge, Dubois11849Indiana
{Family 24}
SarahJefferson, Elkhart571793Virginia62b
Sarah JJefferson, Elkhart271823Indiana
Ralph SJefferson, Elkhart231827Indiana
IndianaJefferson, Elkhart211829Indiana
Theoaolius (Theopolius)Jefferson, Elkhart191831Indiana
B RJefferson, Elkhart171833Indiana
{Family 25}
IsaacMiddlebury, Elkhart341816New York71b
Z CMiddlebury, Elkhart281827New York
Edwin WMiddlebury, Elkhart71843Indiana
Z AMiddlebury, Elkhart51845Indiana72
{Family 26}
IsaacMiddlebury, Elkhart711779New York72
MariaMiddlebury, Elkhart561794New York
{Family 27}
J CMiddlebury, Elkhart411809New York71b
MaryMiddlebury, Elkhart281822Vermont
ElizabethMiddlebury, Elkhart61844Vermont
{Family 28}
Louis FMiddlebury, Elkhart441806New York76
MahetableMiddlebury, Elkhart401810New York
B FMiddlebury, Elkhart161834New York
Ester CMiddlebury, Elkhart131837Indiana
Louis FMiddlebury, Elkhart7/121850Indiana
{Family 29}
William RColumbia, Fayette381812Pennsylvania269
SarahColumbia, Fayette331817Indiana
George HColumbia, Fayette141836Indiana
RachaelColumbia, Fayette131837Indiana
Mary JColumbia, Fayette121838Indiana
Thomas HColumbia, Fayette101840Indiana
Hannah AColumbia, Fayette51845Indiana
Charles LColumbia, Fayette11849Indiana
{Family 30}
David HJackson, Fayette331817Ohio290
AbigailJackson, Fayette291821Ohio
Emana C (Emma)Jackson, Fayette81842Indiana
Franics B (Francis)Jackson, Fayette11849Indiana
Lambert LJackson, Fayette6/121850Indiana

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